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So, what you are saying is that it was the indwelling demon that was pushing you to commit suicide. But Jesus kept communicating to you through Rock Songs and that prevented you from taking your life. In other words, there was a fight going on for your soul. But through the Rock Songs, Jesus gave you love and encouragement and prevented you from committing suicide. Why didn’t Jesus just perform an exorcism on you and command the demon to exit your body like He did to the man in the synagogue in Mark 1:25-26, and to the man in the region of the Gerasenes in Mark 5:2-13, and to the boy in Mark 9:17-26?

I needed to talk with Father Geidman. I called the rectory in my town to find out where he had been transferred. I then called him and tried to explain to him that this whole thing that had happened to me was all his fault; that if he had just been there for me none of this ever would have happened to me. He refused to accept responsibility for my problems, a decision he would regret twenty-one years later. I told Jesus I was going to press charges against Father Geidman and take him to court because he had caused a lot of problems for me in the four years that I had known him, and this whole mess was his entire fault. But I declined because I figured no lawyer would listen to me because I was a nobody going up against a priest and the Roman Catholic Church.

Not long after this conversation, I decided to take matters into my own hands and try to straighten this mess out myself. I made an appointment to talk with him about what had happened. I had an hour drive ahead of me and I got lost and ended up in detours and heavy traffic. Satan did not want this meeting to transpire. There were so many obstacles in my way as I tried to get to his office. When I finally arrived I was very late and was only permitted a few minutes with him, and was thus unable to clear the matter up with him. It turned out to be a fruitless endeavor and I returned home very disappointed. Many times later I had thought again about taking him to court and pressing charges against him because I felt so strongly that he was at fault. But each and every time I told Jesus that no one would believe me nor listen to me, and so I never did pursue to take him to court, but the thought lingered in my mind. Father Geidman never seemed to take me seriously and always treated me like a “little girl”. I am not a little girl!

I Am Woman
Helen Reddy - 1971

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