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You began college, the hallucinations continued, you began to see a psychologist, and things got better. But in 1973 you had a relapse and the songs with messages in them became more frequent and elaborate. That threw you into a tailspin and your behavior erupted again.


Before things got easier I went through hell. But this time there was someone there for me. This time there was someone there for me who saw the calm before the storm. My psychologist knew what I was like before this relapse, and saw what kind of person I became when these things began to happen to me again. There was someone there who lived through it with me, who knew me, and saw a change in my behavior. What he did not know was that the change was a direct result of the supernatural world communicating with me.

My psychologist listened to me and he cared about me. He might not have believed the things I was telling him, but at least he listened to me. He told me I was full of stories and that I was making things up because I wanted attention. I told him that I was not making this stuff up. 2 Peter 1:16 He also told me, at one time or another that no one was ever going to listen to me. Later, he also accused me of being on drugs because of my behavior. I assured him I was not making things up, and that I was not on drugs, and that even if I did want drugs, I would not know where to get them. I was neither in that world nor that environment. Sometime later he said, “God wants you to come here!” So he, at one point or another saw that Jesus was involved in my care. He saw that Jesus was involved. He was not a Christian, but he saw the power of God’s involvement in my life. One time he even broke down and cried, right in front of me.

Jesus kept communicating to me through Rock and Roll songs I heard on the radio. I believed there were messages in the lyrics intended just for me. This time, 1973, the songs were more frequent. There were more songs than before with messages in them. I believed that Jesus was providing those messages. My psychologist did not want to believe me. Through this next song Jesus told me that no matter what the psychologist and everyone else was saying or believing about me, I had to hold onto my beliefs and ‘Hold My Head Up’. 

Hold Your Head Up
Argent - 1972

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