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You felt pressure from Jesus to contact Father Geidman, but instead you went to the minister of the church you were attending. You told him about your experiences over several meetings that went from April 13, 1992 to May 19, 1993, a span of a year and one month. After the first few meetings strange things happened to the minister and he had to step down from the pulpit. You called Father Geidman and after talking to him you knew that something was wrong, but did not know what. You had another meeting with the minister, his wife, and the assistant pastor from the church. You and your mom both moved out of the apartment and went your separate ways. You were getting pressure from above to contact Father Geidman again. You bribed Jesus into getting you a house and then you finally met with Father Geidman on September 19, 1993 and left the first video with him to watch. You met with Father Geidman a few days later and he had watched the video. He tells you he was arrested in August 1992 (You later find out the date was August 13, 1992). The date coincides with the date of your incident twenty-one years earlier on August 9, 1971. Father Geidman suggests you talk to a Christian Psychologist and finds one for you to contact. The minister and his wife leave the state. You get a fever and never made it to the Christian Psychologist. Two years later, on July 8, 1995, you again meet with Father Geidman and ask him to do something for you, which he said he would. He tells you that this is his last weekend at that parish and that he will be transferred to a different parish next week. About a year later you get struck by lightning and you headache goes away right along with the other aches and pains in your body. But when you touch the handle of your car door all the pain returns and you could not understand what that was all about. †††

November 8, 1997

I had gone to bed for the night. I felt something or someone sitting on my bed. I did not look and tried to ignore it and tried to go to sleep.


I quit going to the church I had been attending for the past seven years. It was just not the same place anymore. Many changes had taken place there and I was very unhappy there. So I left and for the next eleven years did not step a foot inside of a church anywhere, for anything. I just wanted to stay as far away from church and church people as possible. But I stayed as close to Jesus as I could.

August 1998

I had lost all my keys on my key chain; that would include my house, garage, and car keys. I kept praying that I would find them. After intense cleaning and searching of my house, I still had not located them. I did not know where else to look for them in the house, so I went outside and conducted another search around my house and garage. Still, no keys. The next morning I prayed again that I would find my keys. I needed to get some things out of the garage, so I got my extra garage key to open the door. As I was carrying the last thing out of the garage, I stopped, closed my eyes, bowed my head and prayed, ďLord, where are my keys?Ē With my head still bowed, I opened my eyes. There on the ground right in front of my feet was my set of keys. I thanked and praised Jesus for the return of my keys.

April 13, 1999

I retired from the hospital after twenty-one years of service. I worked at various jobs after that, never really staying at one job for a long length of time. I was never able to really have a profession or a job where I could make a good living. I had always struggled financially because I had so much interference from the supernatural world that I was never able to move up in the world to a position with more responsibility and more pay. I had to stay at low paying jobs because I knew I would never be able to handle the demands of a high profile job with so many abnormal occurrences in my personal life. It hurt me deeply to watch my friends and associates making a good living while I had to stay at low paying jobs because I knew I could not handle the demands of a profession, because I never knew when the supernatural world would come calling. I was also not permitted to marry, per Jesus. So there was no chance of a second income from a spouse. I had to depend on my income, and my income alone to survive. I had to make many sacrifices to make ends meet. I am not bitter about it, I am just saying that is the way it was.



I began to document my experiences less and less over time. I really didnít care to document everything anymore. It really didnít matter to me anymore. I was tired of the experiences and I was tired of constantly trying to document everything that happened. I had changed. I was not sure anymore, not as sure as when we (me and Jesus) started. I was inspired in the beginning, but now I was very sad and tired. I was sick and tired of Jesus pushing me into going to Father Geidman. I was sick and tired of Father Geidman always brushing me off. I was sick and tired of being stuck in the middle. Jesus holds every card in my life. He can do what He wants to do with me. He wants to come back, but He canít. I had tried for thirty years to convince Father Geidman that he is the person in Revelation 13:18. What more could I do?

Webber and Rice - 1970 (2000 Production)

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