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July 15, 2022, Friday

Today, around 6:00 AM, I woke up with a toothache on the upper right side of mouth. I also noticed a sore on the inside of my mouth, on the right side of my upper lip. My upper lip on the outside also seemed to be a bit swollen. So, I went to Wal-Mart and purchased some orajel and spred it around on the inside of my mouth and on the upper right tooth where I felt pain. All it seemed to do was numb the areas. I had planned to go biking with my friend and did not want to cancel because I had a toothache, so we left to go biking in Piqua, Ohio to bike the Great Miami Valley Bike Trail. As the day went on the pain in my tooth increased and then I noticed other teeth on the right side were also beginning to hurt. Every now and then sharp shooting pains would shoot through the teeth on my right side. My bottom teeth on the right side were now also beginning to hurt. I continued to spread orajel on the affected areas and continued with my day. As the day progressed, my friend suggested that I call my dentist and make an appointment. So, I did, but could not get in until Wednesday of next week. I did not make an appointment at that time, and continued with my day, applying orajel every now and then as the pain on the inside of my right upper and my teeth increased. I got home at 6:00PM that day and the pain continued to increase. My dentist's office was open until 7:30 PM so I called and made an appointment for the following Wednesday. I went to bed around 8 PM that night.

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July 16, 2022, Saturday

I woke up at 1 AM with intense pain in my teeth and my right upper lip inside my mouth and outside my mouth hurt. So, I decided to go to the Emergency Room. I arrived at the ER at 2 AM. I was examined and was told that I had shingles.The ER nurse told me I had a rash on my cheek and on my temple area, as well as my lip. I was given Hydrocodone for pain; Valacyclovir and antivirus medication; Lidocaine ointment for my lip; and a prescription for Magic Mouthwash. Prescriptions for Hydrocodone and Valacyclovir were called into Walmart, which I picked up later that day, along with the Magic Mouthwash. I began taking these medications immediately.

July 17, 2022, Sunday

The right side of my face seemed to be a bit swollen and the rash was more evident on my right cheek. The sharp shooting pains going through my teeth continued. I continued to take the medications as prescribed throughout the day. Went to WalMart and purchased L-Lysine and and began to take 500 mg twice a day along with the other meds, because from research I found it was supposed to help with singles. Also purchased Zinc, 50 mg, and began to take it.

July 18, 2022, Monday

There did not seem to be a signifigant change on my face. Continued to take the medications as prescribed.

July 19, 2022, Tuesday

Discontinued the Zinc because I thought it made the rash worse. Probably just my imagination and may continue its use later. No sharp shooting pain in teeth all day. No tooth pain at all, all day.

July 20, 2022, Wednesday

Facial features much worse today. Scabs have developed on the right side of my nose and my right upper lip. Right eye seems much smaller than left eye. Puffiness on right side of upper eyelid. Rash on right cheek more severe. Nose seems to be swollen. Had put eyedrops in right eye which may have caused area around eyelid to puff out. Not sure. Took some scabs off upper right lip. Tooth pain subsided. No tooth pain at all today.

July 21, 2022, Thursday

Had two doctor appointments today. First, I went to see my primary care physician. She said she would not renew the medications I am currently on for shingles. She said she would give me gabapentin for pain, but I refused the prescription because I had tried gabapentin before and did not like the effect it had on me. She did prescribe a new facial ointment (not lidocaine) but it was too expensive, so I did not get it. She gave me the okay to resume my normal activites because I had been taking it easy and not doing anything stressful for fear it would aggrevate my condition and make it worse. But she said I would be fine going back to my normal activities. She insisted I go to my eye doctor.

So when I got home I called my eye doctor and was able to get in this afternoon. He examined my eye and said I had shingles inside my right eye and that is why my right eye hurt. He prescribed two medications and said if the first one, an eye drop gel, is not available at the pharmacy, then get the second one, which was for a renewed prescription for the antiviral medication. He wants to see me in two weeks to see if the shingles are cleared up.

I went to Walmart pharmacy to pick up the prescription. The eye drop gel was not covered by my insurance and was over $100. And the pharmacist was not even sure they had any. So, instead of having him check to see if they even had it, I just told him to fill the prescription for the antiviral medication. So I will continue taking the antiviral medication for one more week. Then the following week I have an appoointment with the eye doctor for August 4, 2022.

July 22, 2022, Friday

Since I was given the okay by my primary care physician to resume normal activities, I decided to mow my lawn, which I had not done for two weeks. I had no issues mowing the lawn. Everything went as usual and everything was done as I normally do it. No problems as all. I seem to have a bit more energy and my right eye does not seem to be as swollen. However, the pain in my right eye is still present.

July 23, 2022, Saturday

I decided to resume taking Zinc and had my first dose today. Will see if it has any effect on me.

August 11, 2020, Thursday Had Right Knee X-Rayed at 9:00 A.M.

My right knee was giving me a lot of pain so I made an appointment with an orthopedic physician to have it x-rayed. Here are the results: XR KNEE RIGHT 3 VIEWS - 8/11/2020 9:00 am. Right knee pain, unspecified chronicity. FINDINGS: There is no acute displaced fracture or dislocation. There is mild-to-moderate tricompartmental osteoarthritis, most significant the medial compartment. No definite joint effusion. A fabella is noted. Soft tissues are unremarkable. Impression: Degenerative changes without acute osseous abnormality.

August 11, 2023, Friday Exactly three years later at 9:00 A.M.

I was getting ready to climb down the ladder from the attic at my house when my right knee began to hurt a lot. When I got on the first rung of the ladder with my right knee, it hurt extremely. So, very carefully I climbed down the ladder in extreme pain when I had to put pressure on my right knee. When I got off the ladder I looked at the time and it was 9:00 A.M. I later decided I needed to go to the hospital emergency room to get my right knee x-rayed because the pain was not subsiding. About 12:50 P.M. I arrived at the emergency room. Had right knee x-rayed and here are the results: EXAMINATION: XR KNEE RIGHT 2 VIEWS (STANDARD) 08/11/2023, 1:08 PM. HISTORY: Pain/swelling. COMPARISON: 08/11/2020. TECHNIQUE: AP and lateral views. FINDINGS: I do not specifically see any acute-appearing fracture. TECHNOLOGIST PROVIDED HISTORY: Injury/Trauma. Reason for exam: Pain/swelling right knee. 1. No acute fracture of the right knee is seen. 2. There has been a considerable progression and degenerative joint disease and arthritic change. There is tricompartmental joint space narrowing being most severe in the medial joint compartment. Patellofemoral arthritis is seen. I am not seeing any large joint effusion, however.


Notice that it was exactly three years to the date from the date I had my right knee x-rayed on August 11, 2020, to the date my right knee again began to hurt on August 11, 2023. Notice also that I had the x-ray at 9:00 A.M. on August 11, 2020, and at 9:00 A.M. on August 11, 2023, my right knee began to hurt again. Omen? Sign? Does it mean something or just a coincedence?

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