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Because it was Halloween Night, the indwelling demons’ power was intensified and you were led to an unfamiliar environment. You called out to Jesus and He came to your rescue and led you home. Later that same night Jesus came to you again and spent some time with you. You recognized Him as being very similar to Father Geidman. Are you saying that Jesus and Father Geidman are Twins?  John 10:30

June 1972

For the next seven months I was working part time at a restaurant. It was now June 1972. I thought I’d better call the BVR back like I promised I would to see if they would still consider sending me to school for the Autumn Quarter. They agreed and I set up an appointment with a counselor there. She had records of my past and tried to get information from me, but I offered her nothing. I let her believe what she wanted to believe and left it at that. They made the arrangements for me to attend college and I began classes in the fall.

Strange things continued to happen to me and I was still receiving messages from Jesus through Rock and Roll songs I heard on the radio. I kept things to myself, and I continued to document everything in my journal. But a few months into college it became too much for me to bear alone. Trying to concentrate on my studies, working part time, and having supernatural interferences in my life, became too much for me to handle. I felt like the walls were closing in on me.

I called my counselor and asked her to get me someone to talk to. She offered to listen to me but I did not want to confide in her. I did not actually like her very well because she was so controlling and dictating. I asked her to get me a man to talk to. I had always spoken to men in the past and just thought a man would be more understanding. She told me to hang in there for a few days until she could find someone for me and that she would call me back. She called me back a few days later and I went up to her office to work out the details. She had scheduled for me to see a psychologist and I had my first appointment with him on December 18, 1972.  

December 18, 1972

I had already decided what I was going to say to the psychologist. I was going to tell him how everyone had deserted me, how life and everyone had been so unfair to me, no one understands what is really going on, I did not deserve nor ask for these problems, no one knows what I have been through, and that I felt God was punishing me. I was prepared to spill my guts out to him and to just dump it all in his lap. But when I set eyes on him I could not say one thing I had prepared to say. He looked exactly like someone I admired, a calm came over me, and I could not say what I had intended to say. I knew right then that Jesus had His hand in this situation and had placed the psychologist there for me. I knew Jesus was involved because of the similarities between my psychologist and the person I admired.

The doctor introduced himself to me and I found him to be a very kind, warm, loving, and caring person. I felt very comfortable in his presence and knew that he was someone I could trust. He noted that my mental status and general orientation were all intact, and that I was not experiencing any delusions or hallucinations. What?  In fact, he found me to be in good emotional condition, other than being mildly depressed. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I left his office that day, but somehow I knew Jesus was involved.

As we continued to meet, he became everything to me. He was my father, my brother, and my friend. We had an excellent platonic relationship. There was nothing I could not tell him, but I did not tell him everything.  He was always there for me and he helped me through many, many struggles. I saw him once a week in the beginning and things were going good for me. I was really pulling my life together and felt like things were working in my favor. Even the supernatural world calmed down somewhat.


Then, sometime in 1973 the messages in songs became more often, more elaborate, and even stronger. My life took a tail spin. The messages in songs became more frequent and Jesus encouraged me that ‘Things Would Get Easier’ once we put it all together and get it all done’, through the song ‘Ooh, Ooh Child’.                  

Ooh Ooh Child
Originally by Five Stairsteps - 1970

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