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The songs ended in 1980 and then there were no more songs with messages in them for you. You told Jesus that if He wanted to communicate with you from now on then it would have to be in the real world so that others could see it too.

November 21, 1981

After the orthopedic physician left our hospital, I wanted to talk with Father Geidman. I tracked him down and I called him at the parish where he was the pastor. The phone rang and rang and rang, and finally Father Geidman answered the phone. At the precise moment that he answered the phone, Jesus walked through the wall of the room I was calling from, pointed to my landline telephone, and walked out through the same wall He had just entered. It happened that fast. That marked the fourth time I saw Jesus. My conversation with Father Geidman went something like this:

Father Geidman: Hello.                                        

Me: Is Father Geidman there please?

Father Geidman: Ah, this is he.

Me: Father, do you remember me? (It had now been seven years since I had last met and spoke with him, which was in the vestibule at his church in 1974)

Father Geidman: Ah, yes, are you still seeing the psychiatrist?

Me: You were seeing a psychiatrist too, Father. (I had no idea where these words came from. I did not know that Father Geidman had ever been to see a psychiatrist. He never told me and I never heard it from anyone. Those words just came out. Maybe I had assumed he was seeing a psychiatrist because of all the medication I saw him take when I last visited him in 1974).

Father Geidman: Yes, yes.

Me: Well, it works both ways, Father.

Father Geidman: Yes, He was my friend. He was helping me.

Me: Father, I saw Jesus, and He told me He wanted to come back.

Father Geidman: Well, it’s just your imagination.

Me: Father, how did you know that you wanted to be a priest? How did you know that God was calling you?

Father Geidman: I’ve always known, from the very start, from the very beginning, as a child. I’ve got to get over to the church.

Me: Okay. Bye now.


November 23, 1981

Two days after I had this conversation with Father Geidman I had an extraordinary experience. I was in bed for the night and all was dark and quiet. I was not yet asleep and I heard the flapping of wings. It came from above. The sound came through the ceiling and down to me, and then was at my side. I felt the presence of an angel at my side. I was too frightened to open my eyes. I kept my eyes sealed shut. The angel stayed at my side for just a few moments and was very comforting. Then I heard the flapping of wings again, as the angelic being rose up and left through the ceiling as it left my side. This was November 23, 1981.


Before February 27, 1982

I received a phone call. After I answered, “Hello” a Rock and Roll Song began to play over my telephone. It began, “I am the God of Hell Fire”. I became very frightened and hung up the phone before the song ended. I assumed it was Father Geidman that had made the phone call and played the song over the phone to me, since I had just talked to him about three months earlier. I believed it was him verifying to me that he is indeed God the Father by the Rock and Roll Song that played over the phone. Remember, Father Geidman had played Rock and Roll Songs in class to teach us lessons. I had never heard that song before and needed to know what it was. So I did some investigating and found out that it was the song Fire by Arthur Brown.


I purchased the song because I wanted to hear the rest of the lyrics. I knew it began ‘I am the God of Hell Fire’ but since I had never heard the song before, I wanted to hear the lyrics. As I played the song, there was one particular lyric that sounded very familiar. It began to haunt me. I knew I had heard those particular words somewhere before. The few words in the song that disturbed me were the words I’ll Teach You To Learn. I searched my memory and my journal and discovered that those particular words were similar to the words that Father Geidman had said to me when I had my first meeting with him in June 1968 concerning the class I had failed as a freshman in high school. At that 1968 meeting he said, “I’m going to Teach You To Learn”. So I decided to contact Father Geidman and ask him if he did indeed call me and play that song over the phone to me.


February 27, 1982

After our conversation on November 21, 1981, Father Geidman had mailed me a bulletin from his parish with Mass and confession times. I took the bulletin out and looked at the confession times. Then, I went to confession at his parish. In the open confessional (at this time confession was said face to face and was no longer behind a closed screen) I was face to face with Father Geidman. I asked him if he had called me and played the song Fire over the phone to me just a few months earlier. He denied that he did. I asked him again and again and each time he denied it. Then I told him he was God The Father. He told me I was ‘out of my tree’. Okay, fine. I thanked him and returned home. I figured he had lied to me about the phone call. Everything pointed to him. Imagine that. A priest sitting in a confessional listening to peoples’ sins and deliberately lying.  1 John 2:22 Lying is a special province of the devil. John 8:44 Liars are singled out amongst those who will undergo the second death in the lake of burning sulfur. Revelation 21:8

Arthur Brown - 1968
Ricky Martin - 2011

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