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After thirty years of trying, you decided that you must be wrong about everything because you were unable to convince Father Geidman of his responsibility. You had planned to make funeral plans for yourself and then 9-11-2001 happened and everything changed for you. This tragedy revived your thoughts and feelings about Father Geidman’s responsibility.


I posted my story on the internet. I got emails from people concerning my story, including ministers.


I snail mailed my web site address to Father Geidman in hopes he would read my website and come forward. But shortly after giving him my web site address, my hosting company was having severe problems that led to a total shutdown of their company and subsequently a deletion of my web site. I decided not to repost my website at that time because of the time required to work on it. I was just not interested in consuming that much time to get my website up and running again. So I let it go. My story had been on the internet for three years before it was taken off the world wide web. I do not know if Father Geidman had the chance to read any of it before it was shut down. It was shut down just shortly after I sent him my web address. It would not surprise me if Satan and his demons were involved because the company I had my web site with was an extraordinarily excellent company that began to have severe issues after I mailed my web address to Father Geidman. I had been with this company for three years with excellent service and no problems until I mailed my web address to Father Geidman. Then major issues arose and my hosting company was shut down and my web site no longer existed. It was not until I mailed my web site address to Father Geidman that my hosting company was shut down. I had my web site up and running for three years before it was shut down as a result of the company problems, shortly after I emailed my web site address to Father Geidman.

I do not particularly like the thought of being responsible for Christ’s return. But I have accepted that this is the way it is. Many times I have told Jesus that I am not qualified to do what He wants me to do, and that He needs to choose someone else and that I am not the right person for the job. Exodus 3:11 and Exodus 4:13 I told Jesus that I am not smart enough and that I lack the characteristics, respect, ability, training, skills, knowledge and contacts necessary to achieve His goal. I have no theological degree, I do not even know scripture very well, and I have very few scriptures references memorized. Not only that, I have medical issues that get in my way of thinking. I have learned to live my life around my pain. I have seen many doctors over the years who have tried to ease my pain, with no results. I have been prayed over many times, with no results. This confuses me. Jesus has not cured me from my maladies yet He expects me to help Him to come back. Exodus 6:12 and Exodus 6:30

I would think that would make it a whole lot easier for me to help Him to come back if I was cured from what ails me. How can I be responsible with so much against me? Yet, Jesus keeps reminding me that this is what I must do. With so much against me, He keeps pushing me. Jesus wants to keep it real. Sometimes I think He is keeping me ill to keep me focused. Sometimes I believe He is keeping me ill so I will not forget about Him and what I must do. Sometimes I believe He is keeping me ill so others can see that sometimes I act a little ‘off’ and that would make them question me. If I do act a little strange it is because of pressure on the left side of my eye and head pain. It is very difficult living in pain on a daily basis with no relief. 

Father Geidman cannot bring Jesus back alone, and I can’t do it alone. But together, the both of us can make it happen. But Father Geidman is uncooperative, and until he cooperates, Jesus is unable to return. Jesus wants to return. He told me so. But He can’t because Father Geidman and I are still at odds with each other. It will not be until Father Geidman and I come to an agreement of how to handle the return of Christ that it will actually happen. But only Father Geidman will set the date that it will happen. Matthew 24:36 and Mark 13:32

It is Father Geidman’s fault that Jesus has not returned yet, because he does not want to accept the responsibility, just like in 1971 when he refused to accept the responsibility for what happened to me. If he had accepted the responsibility back then, in 1971, then he would have escaped his arrest, jail time, and trial in 1992. That would have never have happened to him. But Jesus was behind all that because Jesus is on my side, and Father Geidman is not on my side and he does not want to listen to me nor believe me. He has tried to make me look like the crazy one, while he himself is dealing with his own demons and his own experiences that very few people are aware of and know about. Jesus has done more for me, and has helped me more than anyone I know. If I can help Him to come back, it is the least I can do for Him, for all He has done for me.

In 1971, and many years thereafter, I had thought about pressing charges against Father Geidman and taking him to court because of all the problems he had caused me over the years. He has caused me to have emotional problems because he has played with my emotions. He has caused me to have psychological problems because he had made me think God hated me when he failed me in religion. But I had always declined to follow through with taking him to court because I always figured no one would believe me or listen to me. So I suffered in silence.

When he was arrested, jailed, and put on trial in 1992, it was by divine intervention. Jesus intervened and saw to it that justice was served for me. I had told Jesus on several different occasions that I wanted to go to a lawyer and press charges against Father Geidman, and take him to court because he is getting away with causing my problems. But each and every time I declined to follow through because each time I figured no one would believe me or listen to me. But Jesus knew the truth, he listened to me and He made it happen for me. Jesus sought justice for me.

Jesus saw to it that Father Geidman was arrested, jailed, and put on trial for my sake. It was all done by divine intervention and Father Geidman was innocent and did not do anything wrong the day he was arrested. But he did many things wrong concerning me. His ordeal happened because Jesus made it happen because Jesus is on my side and Jesus wanted to prove to me that He is with me in this situation and that He is aware of all the problems Father Geidman had caused me over the years. Jesus gave me justice by having Father Geidman arrested, jailed, and put on trail.

Jesus did this to show to me that he heard my plea that what happened to me in 1971 was Father Geidman’s fault and that he did not accept the responsibility for what happened to me. While I was in jail and subsequently shipped off to a mental hospital for something that was his fault, he was on a leisure vacation in Europe traveling around with his relatives. While I was suffering for something that was his fault, he was out enjoying himself and having a good time in Europe. I brought this to Jesus’ attention many, many times over the years. Finally, after twenty-one years, Jesus did something about it and caused the events that led to Father Geidman’s arrest, jail time, and trial, all for my sake. Thank You Jesus!

It is not that after twenty one years Jesus finally listened to me and gave me justice by having Father Geidman arrested, jailed, and put on trail. It did not work that way. It was because I went to the minister of the church I was attending and told him the whole story, from the beginning. It was through these meetings with the minister and his wife, and divulging my story that Jesus brought justice in my life. It was because I told my story to the minister, which stirred up the supernatural world, that Father Geidman was brought to justice. Not because twenty one years had passed. It was the divulging of the information that led to the involvement of the supernatural, and subsequently to Father Geidman's demise, not because twenty one years had passed.

The last time I met with Father Geidman he said something to me that was very disturbing and I have felt much undecided about ever going back to him, even with Jesus pushing me to go to him. I challenge you, Father Geidman to accept your responsibility for the Second Coming of Christ. Be a man and step up to the plate and accept the responsibility. Are you a coward? Are you afraid? Are you afraid of what people will think of you if you come forward and make your claims? Are you afraid of risks? Jesus took a stand and I have taken a stand and you need to follow suite so Jesus can come back. Come forward and make yourself known. Do it for Jesus, your Son. Step up to the plate and take your place in history. Let the world know who you are.  

Jesus wants to come back and you are preventing and hindering that from happening for Him. If you love your Son, like I know you must, why aren’t you preparing for His return? Let the world know your dreams, your plans. Let me know, so Jesus and the angels will quit pestering me and pushing me into going to you to convince you that you are the one the world is waiting on. Yes, the world is waiting. The waiting world deserves to know the truth.

The world has got it all wrong and is looking in the wrong direction. The antichrist is not a king and not a president. The antichrist is actually God The Father in the flesh via Father Geidman. That’s right, world. God the Father has become a human just as Jesus had become a human. Just because you think there is nothing in Scripture that says anything about this, does not mean there is nothing about this in Scripture. In Jesus’ day the people were expecting the Messiah to be a king. Today the people are expecting the antichrist to be a king or a president or a military leader or a politician. That is not so! Just think about it. The antichrist could not be anybody else but God the Father himself in the flesh, and is indeed so.

I believe Father Geidman had experiences similar to mine in 1971. Something happened to him. Something that caused him to seek psychiatric help. I believe that he has fought with himself over the thought that he is indeed God the Father in the flesh. I believe he did not want to believe his feelings and so sought professional help. I have limited knowledge of what occurred in his life at that time, but I believe something did happen to him. I have not asked him nor discussed it with him. But I am led to believe that something happened to him in 1971 similar to what happened to me in 1971 because of what I saw and heard. He can verify what happened to him in 1971. He can let us know what happened if he cares to share that information with us. I believe deep down inside of himself he truly does feel and believe that he is God the Father. But to make such a claim would put him in jeopardy. To step out and claim that he is God would put his life on the line. So he hides. He hides from the truth. He hides from the church. He hides from society. He hides from his neighbors. He hides from the world. Yes, it would be difficult for him to step out of his comfort zone, but this is what he must do to help Jesus come back.

You might think that I have priority over Jesus and that He would give me everything I ask for in order to help Him return. Nothing could be further from the truth. If I make bad choices in life, I suffer the consequences, just like anyone else. If I make bad financial decisions I suffer the consequences, just like anyone else. If I disobey Jesus, I suffer the consequences, just like anyone else. Jesus has not made my life easy. He has been very, very hard on me. I suffer physically, emotionally, psychologically and financially. I have asked Him many times why He has made this journey so difficult for me if it is all about Him. I don’t know how many times I have told myself that “I must be out of my mind!” 2 Corinthians 11:23 But I cannot ignore my life. I cannot ignore Jesus. My lifespan has been all about Jesus. If Jesus returned without God the Father being human, everything would remain the same for Him. Nothing would change. But, being that God the Father is now a human being, like Jesus, things will be different when He returns. The world is unaware that God the Father is now a human being. Christians pray to God the Father in heaven unknowingly and not realizing that He is no longer in heaven. The Jews in Jesus’ day prayed to God in heaven, when Jesus was in the flesh on earth. They did not realize God had come to earth in the flesh, via Jesus Christ. Christians today do not realize that God the Father has come to the earth in the flesh, via Father Geidman. The world does not know this. Sure, there are men in the world right now, today, that are claiming to be the Messiah. Jesus, the true Messiah, told me that Father Geidman is God the Father.

Fast Forward July 2008

I had put the two videos I had made for Father Geidman in a box in my closet, and that is where they sat for thirteen years. I began to think about the second video that I had made for Father Geidman to watch. He had never seen the second video I made for him because I never gave it to him to watch. I wanted to watch both videos to refresh my memory. I wanted to know what I told him in the first video, which he saw, and I wanted to know what I told him in the second video, which he did not see. But I was petrified to watch the videos. I was afraid it would stir up the supernatural if I watched them. So I decided not to watch them and everything was okay. But after a few weeks, curiosity got the best of me and I watched the first two hour video. I also watched my surroundings for fear something might happen. Nothing happened so I felt safe going to bed that night.

In the middle of the night something woke me up from my sleep. I was lying on my back and I felt one hand under my right shoulder, and one hand under my left shoulder. These hands lifted me up to a sitting position in my bed. My first reaction was that it was an angel pushing me up, pushing me up to contact Father Geidman and ask him to watch the second video. Maybe it was the hands of Jesus, maybe it was the hands of an angel, I don’t know. I saw nothing because whoever it was, was behind me.


I watched the first video again, but this time I made a list of things Father Geidman knew about. Then I watched the second video and I also made a list of the things that he did not know about. I then compared the lists and Oh My God! He does not know this, and he does not know that because he did not watch the second video. Then I made plans to contact Father Geidman again because I felt he really needed to know the information contained in the second video. But I cancelled those plans because I told Jesus, “Why should I contact him? The last time I met with him he said something that really disturbed me, and I feel very uncomfortable about contacting him again.”  And so I did not contact him and nothing bad happened. I had not initiated a plan to contact him so nothing bad happened. Thank You Jesus!


My brother said to me, "You're the female version of Jesus."



July 2009

I drove out of state to meet with the minister and his wife with whom I had meetings with back in 1992-1993. I had prepared what I wanted to talk with the minister and his wife about.

July 3, 2009

I stayed in the guest house maybe about 500 feet or so from the church where we were going to meet. That night I heard a very evil silent voice say, “He can’t help you!” It scared me to death! I just assumed it was Satan. That’s the only answer I could come up with.


July 4, 2009

I met with the minister and his wife at the church where he was the Senior Pastor. I had told them during the course of our conversation that Jesus and Father Geidman seemed like twins. They seemed so identical. They just seemed so much alike. They even walk alike. From the things I was telling them the minister stated that I was being pushed into making contact with Father Geidman again. That was his perspective from what I was telling him, and I thought the same thing. He also told me that I was beyond the Bible. We met in his office for about an hour, then we all went to lunch together, where I was able to spend about another hour with them. Then I returned to my friend’s house a few miles away, but in the same state, where I was staying.


I ended up flying home. When all the passengers were on board the plane and it looked as if we were going to take off, we were told to gather our belongings and deport the plane. The pilot had gotten sick just before takeoff and he was transported to the hospital. While I was waiting in the waiting area of the airport I saw several husky men in navy blue pants and light blue pullover shirts. They were all lined up in a row across the waiting area. They all had dogs on a leash. That may not sound unusual except that the men all looked identical, and so did the dogs. I had never seen that kind of dog before, and they all looked alike. They were very huge, tall slender dogs. I just thought it very unusual that the men all looked alike and so did the dogs. I wondered if anyone else saw what I saw.


Five hours later we had a new pilot who flew us to another state where I spent the night. The next morning I flew into the airport where I was to meet my friend who was to drive me home. But she was unable to pick me up at the airport. So instead of calling around trying to find a ride home, I just decided to rent a car and drive myself home. After checking with several of the rental companies, I found that no one had any cars available. So the last rental company I checked with had a car available, but it was not at the airport. I was told I could have the car as long as I went to where the car was. So I got the directions and took a cab to the facility where the rental car was. And guess what. The rental car was in the town (on the outskirts of the airport) where Father Geidman lives. Not only was the car in the town where he lives, it was in the neighborhood where he lives. So here I was just a few minutes from Father Geidman’s house and I became very scared. This was confirmation that Jesus wanted me to contact Father Geidman, but I was not prepared nor willing to contact him at this time. I was scared I would run into him. So I rented the car as fast as I could and I high tailed it out of that town and headed for home. I made it home safely.

Groundhog Day

My life has similar characteristics as depicted in the movie “Groundhog Day” where Phil Connors (a TV weather man played by Bill Murray) lives the same day over and over again. No matter what Phil does, he is stuck in February 2, 1992, he is 'stuck in time'. This same déjà vu occurs in my life when the supernatural world decides to invade my reality and I am pushed back to 1971 when my life was turned upside down with strange and annoying occurrences. When this happens, (and I have no control over it), I am pushed back to 1971 and I am faced with the same dilemma; to help Jesus to come back. Each and every time it happens I become enlightened and I reach a new height and a new level of understanding of how to achieve this goal. And I am the only one who knows what is happening when the supernatural world comes calling. Others may see me in this deadlock, but they do not know or understand what is actually occurring.

When I get pushed back to 1971 I am stuck in a whirlwind of past experiences, but experience them in the present. Like a diamond needle on a skipping record repeating the same lyrics over and over again, I am compelled to relive the past in the present. When the supernatural world invades my personal world and my personal space and pushes me back to 1971, I am forced to relive the horrors associated with that time in my life. When this happens I am reminded of my personal responsibility to help Jesus to return. But it is not my responsibility alone. Father Geidman is also responsible for the Second Coming of Christ.

When the “pushing back” occurs I am pushed into contacting Father Geidman to convince him of his related responsibility. Each time it happens I am forced into contacting Father Geidman and to invent creative ways to communicate with him and to improve my methods and knowledge. This scenario will repeat over and over and over again until Father Geidman decides to change the script by accepting his responsibility. My life is destined to keep revolving, to keep spinning in circles, until Father Geidman comes forward to change the outcome.

This time loop, this rehashing and repetition of 1971 over and over again, is a learning experience. In order for this time loop to end, Father Geidman must accept his responsibility and do something significant to end this senseless repetition. This time loop can only be broken when Father Geidman decides to accept his responsibility and does what he was born to do, and he is the only one who knows what to do. Why has he done nothing?

I believe he has done nothing because he himself is not convinced of his responsibility. But I do believe there is a spark of hope. My job is to ignite that spark in him, to help him in his endeavor. But we must work together to achieve the goal and the objective of helping Jesus to return. But there is a problem. He is a Roman Catholic Priest. And if people see myself and Father Geidman spending time together and working on a plan for Christ’s return, they will question our relationship. Because he is a priest should he spend time with a female counterpart? He will have to in order for us to devise a plan for Jesus. There is just no way around this dilemma. It is inevitable that we work together on a plan. If Father Geidman wants Jesus to return he has to work with me to devise a plan for Christ's return. That's the bottom line. The return of Christ will not happen unless we work on a plan to make it happen. That is just the way it is. There is no other way. There is no other answer. We must work together on a plan.

Currently, there is no plan in place for Christ's return. A plan for Christ's return must be designed. A plan has to be devised. A plan has to be crafted. A plan has to be created. A plan has to be set in place. Father Geidman, Jesus, and I must all work together to design, devise, craft out, create, work out, set in place and implement a plan for Christ's return. Jesus and I have worked on many plans over the years. These plans have worked, they have unfolded, they have happened. Below I have outlined the plans that Jesus and I worked on that had unfolded.

Plans That Have Worked

Plan #1: 1977 (page 39) I asked Jesus to leave me alone for three years so I could concentrate on my new job. For the most part He did leave me alone for those three years. There were no songs with messages in them for me for three years. This plan worked.

Plan #2: 1978 (page 39) I told Jesus that at the end of those three years I wanted Him to make me sick so I would have to be admitted to the hospital where I worked. At the end of those three years I fell and dislocated my elbow and was admitted to the hospital where I worked. This plan unfolded.

Plan # 3: 1978 (page 39) I told Jesus to have the physician who would be in charge of my case to experience the same things I experienced. He did. This plan became a reality. This physician also had a striking resemblance to Father Geidman.

Plan #4: 1984 (page 44) I devised a plan with Jesus. I asked Him to send someone to me that could help me at this difficult time in my life. I told Him to just send that person and that I would look for and find that person. I found that person at college. He was a staff professor. This plan worked.

Plan #5: April 17, 1991 (page 44) I told Jesus that if He wanted me to contact Father Geidman then He needed to tell me where He was. I told Jesus to have Father Geidman's name and address printed in a Catholic newspaper of which I had bought a subscription. That information was later printed in the Catholic newspaper along with Father Geidman's picture. This plan was successful.

Plan #6: July 7, 1993 (page 46) I asked Jesus to have Father Geidman say a Mass on a particular Sunday and that I would go to that Mass, on that particular Sunday, and talk with him after Mass. This plan was achieved.

Plan #7: July 7, 1993 (page 46) I told Jesus to get me a house with all the particulars requested. He did. This plan succeeded.

Plan #8: July 8, 1995 (page 46) I asked Jesus to have Father Geidman be in the church where he was assigned on this day, hearing confessions, so I could speak with him. This plan was accomplished.

As you can see Jesus and I had worked on many plans over the years that had happened. We must bring Father Geidman on board to work on a plan for Christ's return. Father Geidman needs to be involved in the planning process for Christ's return. The three of us must work on a plan for Christ's return. There is no other way. Christ cannot return until a plan is devised. And the only people who can devise this plan are Jesus, Father Geidman, and myself. The three of us must come up with a plan for Christ's return. Jesus is on my side. Father Geidman is currently not on my side. It will not be until Father Geidman joins forces with Jesus and myself that we can work on a plan, create a strategy, design a plan for Christ's return, that it will actually happen. It will never happen until all three of us work on and agree on a plan. Has Christ returned? I rest my case.

This is just a fraction of my story. I have not included everything that happened. But this will give you enough information to form your own opinion. Jesus wants to come back. He told me so. Father Geidman is preventing that from happening. As soon as he comes forward and accepts his responsibility, the sooner Jesus can come back. Jesus wants to come back. He told me so.

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