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So you were still demonized and on this particular day the demons’ power was overwhelming. Are you saying the demon led you astray?

October 31, 1971

Evil was particularly strong on this day, Halloween Night, Oct 31, 1971. While I was at this evil destination I called out to Jesus in my mind only, not out loud. I cried out in my mind, “Jesus, where are you?” Just then I saw a vision of Jesus walking in heaven with someone. His back was turned from me and He turned around when He heard me call out His name. Then He came down from heaven and led me home. I had no idea where I was and had no clue how to get home. It was dark and I was scared to death! Jesus led me home and I made it home safely.

I told no one what had happened, but I was too frightened to sleep by myself. I asked my mother if I could sleep with her that night. She did some bed switching and she took the top bunk bed in one of the bedrooms, and I took the bottom bunk. She was soon asleep, but I could not sleep. I just lay in bed looking out the window thinking about what had transpired that day. As I was looking out the window I saw Jesus walk through the window and walk past me. He was wearing a long white gown that flowed with the breeze that He created as He walked past me. His long white gown or robe or garment; (the piece of clothing that He was wearing) was a very bright radiant white; exceedingly white as snow. (Matthew 17:2; Mark 9:3; Luke 9:29) He was transparent, like a ghost or a spirit. He walked into the closet that was at the head of my bed. I turned to look at Him and He just stood there in the closet with His head facing the floor. He did not lift His head. It was as if He did not want me to see His face. But I did see His face, but only the left side of his face, the left profile of His face is what I saw. I did not see the full front view of His face, only His profile. The love that generated from Him was overwhelming. He was very warm, affectionate, tender, caring, loving, compassionate, humble and understanding.  I just kept looking at Him as He stood in the closet.  And He just kept standing there with His face toward the floor. He was just so loving. It was such a sweet sight and feeling. It was a very special feeling being in His presence. He stayed in the closet for just a short time then He slowly walked out, walked past me, and walked back out the same window He had entered.

His walk was very similar to Father Geidman’s walk. In fact, being in His presence was very similar to being in Father Geidman’s presence. He seemed to be a lot like Father Geidman. Their personalities were so similar. I had been alone with Father Geidman a few times, and being with Jesus this night was just the same as being with Father Geidman. It was the same feeling. But it was Jesus, not Father Geidman. Even though they are the same, they are different, but so much alike. (John 14:9) I remember this incident very well and I also remember when it happened very well. It happened on Halloween Night, October 31, 1971, the night of evil. That night, when I called out His name, Jesus came to me and saved me. Romans 10:13, Acts 2:21, and Joel 2:32 all state, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved”.  I was saved on October 31, 1971. This was the first (and second time I saw Jesus, because I saw Him twice on this same night) of several more theophanies that I experienced. I knew I Had A Friend.

You've Got A Friend
James Taylor - 1971
Video of window Jesus walked through, the bedroom and the closet
October 31, 1971

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