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So you planned another meeting with Father Geidman and you finally made it to your destination despite all the obstacles in your way.


Early the next morning I attended the Mass Father Geidman presided over, and spoke to him afterwards. He invited me into the vestibule where we spoke. He asked me to sit down while he remained standing. I then asked him if he knew Jesus. He answered, “Jesus is the Son of…, Jesus is the Son of …, Jesus is the Son of…" and continued to repeat these words as he began to spin in circles, never finishing his sentence. He was unable to finish his sentence. I stopped him from spinning in circles and told him that he was God the Father. He did not deny it; he just sat down in a chair with his head toward the floor. He looked so defeated. I then rose from my chair and walked over to the mantle, and placed my hands on it. He then rose from his chair and came over to comfort me. The love that generated from this man was overwhelming. He looked at me dead straight in my eyes and I told him that I had tried to kill myself. He went over to a cabinet, opened the cabinet door, and I viewed a supply of medications that filled the bottom shelf. He took a few of the pills out of their containers and swallowed them in my presence. He then told me he had a class to teach and that he had to go. He walked me to my car and bid me good bye. I knew then that we were Taking Care Of Business.

Taking Care Of Business
Bachman Turner Overdrive - 1974

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