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Okay, so you stayed at the Catholic school for all the wrong reasons and you did not believe in the God of the Bible. You believe your fever was brought on by a demon that entered your body immediately after a confrontation with Father Geidman. There was a big change in your personality after these experiences. Do you really expect me to believe that you were possessed by a demon?

My friends were very concerned, worried, and frightened about what was happening to me. They knew me better than anybody. They had never seen me act so bizarre. They made an appointment to talk with one of the priests who taught at the school. Their appointment was with one of the other priests that resided at the rectory, not with Father Geidman. They went up to the rectory to speak with him about my behavior and asked him what could be done to help me. They wanted to help me, but they did not know how. He told them that everyone was aware of a change in my personality and that they were taking care of it. This meeting took place about a week before graduation. My friends left feeling that the priests and teachers were working on a plan to help me.

Now if you do the math, I began to act differently when I returned to school after spending three days in bed with a very high fever, which was a result of demon possession three days earlier, on Tuesday, May 4th, 1971, after a confrontation with Father Geidman. I returned to school on May 10, 1971. There were only three weeks left before graduation. My friends stated to me that they spoke with the priest about one week before graduation. They wanted me to get help right away. But that help did not come until after graduation, and it never came as a result of the priests’, nuns, nor the teacher's intervention, because they never got involved. The priests, nuns and teachers did nothing to help me. Not one of them confronted me nor ever talked to me about my behavior. Not one priest, nun, or teacher spoke to me at all. I was never called down to the office; no one ever pulled me aside to question me about my behavior, nothing was ever done to help me while I was still attending school.

The priest my friends talked to, the one they confided in, the one they believed was going to do something to help me, never came through for me. He called my mother and told her I was behaving abnormally at school. That’s all he ever did. He called my mother to tell her I was acting strange. He never pulled me aside, he never called me to question me about my behavior, he never talked to me. He did not reach out to me. He had no plan to help me. He had no intention to help me. My friends went to him believing he was going to do something beneficial, in my favor, to help me. They believed he was actually going to do something to make it better. But he did nothing to help me. All he did was call my mother and complain to her that I was behaving abnormally at school. And it ended there. He never, ever reached out to me. All the priests avoided me. Not one reached out to me. Not one of them talked to me. It was the same scenario just a year earlier when I lost a loved one. No one confronted me then, and no one confronted me now. No one got involved then, and no one got involved now. Everyone just looked in the other direction. Everyone was talking about me, but no one talked TO ME.

As Catholics we were taught that we were the priest's ‘children’. That the reason they never got married was because they were there for us to care for us. What a line of nonsense! Not one priest reached out to me and there were three of them that were aware of my change. Yet, not one of them reached out to me. Below is a statement from one of my friends who went to the rectory to talk with a Catholic Priest concerning my behavior.

I recall when there was a death in her family in 1970, one year before graduation from high school. It was my first experience with a friend’s family member dying and I think we all were kind of not knowing what to do or how to react. I’m sure I would have handled things differently now, but then, it was sort of, ‘deal with it and move on’. We hung out a lot in high school. Drugs and alcohol were not a part of our lives. I think maybe we would sneak a drink or a beer here or there, but no binge drinking and no drugs. We all just went out and had a good time. I thought everything was fine until we got to our senior year and close to graduation. I noticed a big change in her personality just a few weeks before graduation. She would just start screaming, and I did not know what that was all about, but it scared me to death! Then, at one graduation practice, she started screaming again that the lyrics to the Rock and Roll song that we were practicing to sing at our graduation, were wrong. I could not understand how someone whom I knew so well had changed completely overnight!


I became concerned for her but did not know what to do or how to help her. I was afraid for her, and also for myself. Another friend and I went to the rectory to talk to one of the priests there to get some guidance and help for her. We did not have the maturity to know what to do; that is why we went to the priest for help. He said that he was aware of the situation and that they were handling it. We left feeling that someone was going to help her and make things better. I don’t recall seeing much of her that summer. I was caught up in myself and what I was doing and getting prepared for college. I had heard she had some trouble with the law, had been thrown in jail, and then transferred to a mental hospital. I visited her at the hospital and took her out to lunch. I also spoke with her doctor. That visit made a major impact on my life. I had never had any dealings with those sort of problems. I had lived a very sheltered life up until this experience. I did not see her again until about two years later. She came to college with me to spend the weekend with me. I recall thinking that this was not the same person I went to high school with just a few years earlier. Something happened to her that changed her into a completely different person. Vicki (Friend)

This following statement is from my other friend who went to the rectory with my friend Vicki.

I had known Marie for several years. We attended the same Catholic grade school and Catholic high school. She was normally quite shy and quiet, but we always had a good time when we associated with each other in activities inside and outside the school environment. In our junior year of high school a few of us went to the lakes together for a fun-filled weekend. I did not notice anything out of the ordinary. The group of friends we spent our majority of time with never engaged in any kind of illegal (or legal) drug activity. That was not a part of our lives. We just enjoyed each other's friendships and always had a good time together.

In March of my senior year (1971) I left the Catholic high school because my parents moved out of town. I left behind the Marie I had always known. Two months later I returned to the high school because I was granted permission to graduate from there. I attended graduation practices and other activities at the high school. The Marie I had always known had somehow changed into a person I did not recognize. She had become boisterous, outspoken and loud. She challenged people. This was not the Marie I had always known.

I did not understand what had caused the change in her, but I was shocked and in awe of her personality change. I was only gone for two months, but when I returned, I found a different Marie from the Marie I had left behind just two months earlier. Something had to have happened to her in that short time span to have caused such a dramatic change in her personality. Our mutual friend Vicki and I became concerned for her and scheduled an appointment to talk with one of the Catholic priests at the rectory to get some guidance and help for her. We were at a loss as to how to help her and so we consulted a professional hoping he would step in and help her.  Mary Jean (Friend)

At that time, I did not know what was happening to me, and neither did anyone else. All that anyone knew was that I was acting very strange. My teachers accused me of being on drugs, (via my friends, not me because no one ever confronted me about my behavior) but my friends reassured them I was not, and in fact, I was not. Some of my friend’s parents even accused me of being on drugs because of my bizarre behavior. Even my own mother assumed I was on drugs. I missed a few graduation practices because I just was not feeling well enough to attend them. My classmates had been practicing singing a popular Rock Song that we were going to sing at graduation. During my absenteeism they had changed the lyrics to the song. However, I was never notified of those changes. So, at the next practice I was able to attend, they sang the song with the lyrics changed and I became very upset. I stood up and yelled out, “Those are not the lyrics to that song!” A classmate had to calm me down and explained to me they had changed the lyrics to the song specifically for our graduation. It would have been better if I had just stayed at home. The song they had changed the lyrics to was the song, “Joy To The World” by Three Dog Night. The changed lyrics are as follows:

Jesus Christ is my savior, He is a good friend of mine, I never understood a single word He said, but I helped Him drink His wine.

And He always had some mighty fine wine. Singin' joy to the world, all the boys and girls now, joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea, joy to you and me.

Since He is the king of the world, He knows just what to do. He'll throw away the cars and the bars and the wars and send His love to you. Singin' now, joy to the world, all the boys and girls, joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea, joy to you and me.

You know He loves the people; you know He is the one. He's a highway flier and a rainbow rider, a straight shootin' Son of our God. I said a straight shootin' Son of our God. Singin' joy to the world all the boys and girls, joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea, joy to you and me.

Joy To The World
Three Dog Night - 1971

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