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That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense; Jesus communicating to you and you contemplating suicide. Can’t you see how ridiculous that sounds?

That is exactly what the indwelling demon wanted from me. Suicide is the ultimate satanic deception. The indwelling demon wanted me to commit suicide. But it was the messages in the songs that kept me going; the love and communication that I got from Jesus through the Rock and Roll Songs that prevented me from taking my own life at this time. There is good Rock and Roll and there is bad Rock and Roll. There is Rock and Roll that is all about love, and there is Rock and Roll that encourages and endorses hate, violence, sex and rebellion. There is dark Rock and Roll and there is light Rock and Roll. There is Rock and Roll that has had a bad influence on people and has led people astray, and there is Rock and Roll that has inspired people.

Music is a gift from God. Music has the power to move the soul and stir the imagination. Music has the capacity to lift us up and elevate us, or to bring us down and depress us. Music conveys emotions. Music carries mystical cryptic power of beats and rhythms and lyrics. Music is driven by the rhythm. Music that is rhythm driven has the capacity to cause the body to want to shake and move. Music that has strong rhythm patterns is designed to get us to move.

I did not try to end my life at this time because of God, Love, and Rock and Roll.

God, Love and Rock and Roll
TeaGarden and Van Winkle - 1970

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