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Your friends tried to help you by going to the priest, but the priest did not do anything to help you and no one intervened. The priest never confronted you and never spoke to you at all. You were never called down to the office and no priest ever spoke to you about your behavior. You continued exhibiting strange behavior and everyone just basically ignored you and just assumed you were on drugs because they were so prevalent in the 70’s. Were you abusing substances?

May 28th, 1971

No, I never used any kind of substances or drugs in my school career. I was aware they were available, I knew who was using drugs and kept my distance from them. I did not associate with those who were drug users. I chose my friends wisely and stayed away from everyone who chose to use any kind of drugs. My friends and I were clean and substance free. Drugs were not a part of our lives and we did not associate with those who chose a different path.

None other than Father Geidman handed me my diploma on May 28th, 1971. Someone had to turn my tassel for me because I was completely unaware of what was going on around me. And things got worse. I really needed to talk with someone. No one ever reached out to me. If I wanted help, I knew I had to get it on my own. I really did not know who to turn to for help. So, I called Father Geidman and set up an appointment to speak with him. But I called back and cancelled it. He said, “Suite Yourself”, and hung up on me. I called him back later and told him I thought my mother was on her way up to the rectory to speak with him. He told me that if, when my mother returned home, she walked in the door carrying two bags of groceries, then she had not been up to see him. When my mother returned home, she walked in the door carrying two bags of groceries. I knew then that she had not been up to see him. How did he do that?


I felt I was going crazy because strange things kept happening to me that make me believe I was losing my mind. I was seeing things disappear in front of me. I would put something in place and when I came back to get it, it was gone. Then later, it would reappear in the place I had originally put it. I could not get my parent’s car started one day and a bolt of lightning came down from the sky and hit the engine. I was not the only one that saw this. Another person saw this incident also and said to me, "I bet your car will start now." And it did. The more that strange things happened to me, the more I came to believe that God was doing these things to me because He knew I did not believe in Him and this was His way of telling me that He did exist. This was His way of proving Himself to me. This was my wake-up call.


I began to believe that the things that were happening to me were just signs from God, because I had not believed in Him and this was just His way of telling me, “Hey, I really do exist.” I felt that the things I was experiencing were just His way of proving himself to me. I was convinced that it was absolutely, positively, without a doubt, God that was doing these things to me. So, I told God that He did not have to do these things to me anymore. That I believed in Him now, and that He could stop proving Himself to me anytime. I was talking to the Big God in the Sky. I was talking to the Big Man Upstairs, to the Big Guy in the Sky. I was talking to the Creator, to the Supreme Being, to the Head Honcho in the Sky, to the Big Spirit in the Sky. I was talking to the ‘Boss’. I told Him I have had enough, I believed now. I told Him He could stop doing things to me anytime now.

Summer of 1971

The Road to Delaware   Acts 9:3-5

Then it was shown to me that it was Jesus all the time that was doing these things to me. I was alone in the car, and driving at night, and it was pitch dark.  It was one of those nights when the sky was black, with no visible stars. I was at a stoplight. I was waiting for the light to turn green when I heard a silent voice. It was not audible. It was a silent voice and it called out my name. The voice whispered “Marie”. It caught my attention and I looked up in the sky and to the East where the silent voice came from. I was looking up in the sky where the silent voice came from, but I did not see anything. Then the silent voice whispered in a very soft voice, “It’s me, Jesus”. I remember thinking in my mind only, “It’s you, Jesus? You’re really real? You’re not made up? You’re really real?” The silent voice answered, “Yes, it’s me, Jesus.” He had read my mind because I did not talk out loud, and His answer came into my mind, not through an audible voice. We were communicating telepathically. It was the sweetest, kindest, most loving, caring, calm, and heartfelt voice I had ever heard. Then the light turned green and I was on my way. When I returned home, I told no one of the incident. I documented it in my journal which I had begun when these strange things began to happen to me. I shared very little with others about my experiences, but I wrote everything down.

Jesus First Revealed Himself To Me - 1971

Why had Jesus chosen to reveal Himself to me at this particular location in this particular way? I believe it was because this is very similar to the way He revealed Himself to Saul (Paul), an unbeliever, on his way to Damascus to persecute Christians. Saul was an unbeliever, as I was and he was on a road traveling, as I was. However, Saul was probably walking as Acts 9:8 states that the men traveling with him "led him by the hand" into Damascus. I, however, was not walking. I was in my car. I was stopped by a light, as Saul was. However, the light that stopped me was a red stop light. The light that stopped Saul was a light from heaven Acts 9:3 . Saul's experience happened at about noon as Acts 22:6 states. My experience happened at night when there was a black sky. So, you see there are similarities in our experiences. And I believe Jesus chose this particular way to reveal himself to me because it resembles the way He revealed Himself to Saul. Many people believe that Saul fell from a horse but there is no mention of a horse in scripture. Scripture states, "he fell to the ground." Scripture does not say he fell to the ground from a horse. Scripture states he was led into Damascus by hand. If he fell from a horse the men probably would have put him back on the horse and probably would have taken the horse by the reins with Paul on it and gone into Damascus with Saul on horseback. But scripture states the men "led him by the hand" which most likely means they were walking.

In Jesus' eyes I must have been as bad as Paul (although I never hurt anyone, just myself) for Jesus to have revealed Himself to me in much the same way He revealed Himself to Paul on the Damascus Road. I never persecuted any Christians, but I turned my back on the whole "God" thing because I saw no proof of God or Jesus anywhere. Jesus personally had to reveal Himself to me for me to believe. I had been taught about Him all my life, but I came to disbelieve because I saw no proof. I wanted that proof, Jesus knew I needed that proof, and He Himself provided that proof. If Jesus can reveal Himself to a horrific sinner like Paul, and can reveal Himself to an unbeliever like myself, then Jesus can reveal Himself to anyone who chooses to respond to his call. Paul and myself are illustrations of how Jesus is available for everyone. Paul did not go to Jesus. Jesus came to Paul. I did not go to Jesus. Jesus came to me. Jesus is available to the worst of sinners if they choose to repent of their sins and accept Him as the Messiah. I am not saying that Jesus will reveal Himself in the same way he revealed Himself to Paul and myself. It is different for everyone. I am just saying that Jesus is available for everyone. He is not out of reach.

I had thought all along that it was God that was doing these things to me, and I was right. But it was Jesus God that was doing these things to me. It was not the Spirit God that I had originally thought. It was not the Supreme Being, the Head Honcho God like I originally thought. It was Jesus that was doing these things to me. Jesus showed me that it was Him that was doing these things to me. It was Jesus all along that was proving Himself to me. And Jesus became so real to me. One day I asked Jesus, “Jesus, you are real and I know you are doing these things to me, but where is God the Father, whom I thought was doing these things to me? Where is the Head Honcho God, the Supreme Creator, the Boss, God the Father?  I’d like to know him too.” Then Jesus told me that Father Geidman is God the Father. It was not a silent voice; it was not an audible voice. It was not a voice at all. It was sort of like an understanding. It was as if I answered my own question, but the answer came from Jesus. It was as if the answer came from deep inside of me somewhere, but at the same time Jesus had provided the answer. It was an understanding between me and Jesus that Father Geidman is God the Father, but the answer came from Jesus.

That did it. There was no question about it now. I really needed to talk with Father Geidman. So, I again called him, and I told him I really needed to speak with him. But he was not available and suggested that I call the counseling center in town to get someone there to talk with. And so I did. I called the counseling center and made an appointment with a counselor there. That was just four days after graduation and about three weeks of strange occurrences in my life. Things were happening so fast.

June 1, 1971

This was my first appointment with the counselor. After discussing some issues with him, he stated that he did not see me as a person existing with problems in my own little world but having problems as a summation of the experiences and crisis I have lived through. I made another appointment with him for a week later. I did not tell him about my experience with Jesus or any other experiences I had. I kept all that stuff to myself.

June 8, 1971

The counselor stated that my problems were just a result of the crisis I have experienced in my life and pressures I’ve had to deal with. He stated that my crisis was intensified by my Catholic education, which was very strong on morals and values, but very weak on incorporating religious beliefs into a way of life and taking care of one’s own needs first. He stated I was walking a very thin rope and needed to explore possibilities for my own life. He stated I only needed to see him one or two more times since specific confusions and difficulties were just reactions to my religious upbringing rather than inherent difficulties in my personality.

June 22, 1971

At this appointment with the counselor he stated that I had a lot of good thoughts, a lot of good concepts, and a good outlook on life. But that I needed to put things together in a form for a pattern of life for myself. He wanted me to focus on putting a life together for myself. He wanted me to focus on my future and make plans for a life for myself. I never discussed with the counselor any of the strange things that were happening to me, which continued. I never told him anything about Father Geidman, Jesus, or anything that Jesus had told me.  My counselor had been educated in a seminary and had considerable Catholic seminary experience, but he was not a priest.

That summer I attended the Catholic Church (Mass) on a regular basis. It was the only church I was connected with; it was the only church I had ever known. We were forbidden to attend any other church and so I went to the Catholic Church looking for answers. I sat up front and became very observant of every move and listened very intently to every word that was spoken. I was looking for answers. I wanted answers. On one particular Sunday Father Geidman was the priest saying the Mass. I watched him just as closely as I had watched the other priests celebrating Mass. But I noticed something very peculiar that happened during the prayer “The Our Father”.  Father Geidman began the prayer just as the other priests had by saying, “Our Father”. But when it came to the part of saying, “Who Art in Heaven”, he kept his mouth shut and did not say those words. The congregation said, “Who Art In Heaven”, but Father Geidman did not say those four words. He kept his mouth closed as the congregation said those words. Then he came back in with, “Hallowed be Thy Name” and finished saying the rest of the prayer. I thought it was pretty strange, so I decided to go to another Mass he celebrated to see if he did it again. He did the same thing again. He did not say, “Who Art In Heaven”. I thought that was rather weird. So, I went to a few more Masses he celebrated, and he did it at each and every one of them. He never says, “Who Art In Heaven,” during the prayer” The Our Father”. He must know he is God the Father. Jesus told me he was. And by him never saying, “Who Art in Heaven” he is actually saying that God the Father is not in heaven. He could not say those words because he knows God the Father (He Himself) is no longer in heaven. Made sense to me.

At yet another Mass Father Geidman celebrated, I went to Communion to him, and instead of saying, “The Body of Christ”, like he was supposed to when he placed the host on my tongue, he looked at me dead straight in my eyes and said, “You’re Stubborn!” Then he placed the host on my tongue. He did not say, “The Body of Christ” like he was supposed to.


At another Mass I attended that Father Geidman had, he was acting like he was drunk or something. He was having a very difficult time with his sermon. He kept leaning over the pulpit like he was catching himself or preventing himself from falling. He even held up a blank piece of paper and then read from it. Now that was weird. These are just a few of the strange things that happened during the summer of 1971. These were the very first Signs.


Five Man Electrical Band - 1971

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