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So Jesus was not only communicating to you through Rock and Roll Songs since 1971, but He was also communicating to you through the television since 1971. That is just another example of experiences that schizophrenics have. Again, these experiences are not unique to you. Many individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia have these experiences.

Sometime between 1971 and 1974

Sometime between 1971 and 1974 I was walking past my sister as I was on my way into the kitchen. She grabbed my arm and stopped me and looked at me dead straight into my eyes. Her eyes suddenly became crossed. I felt the presence of an angel standing beside her. I did not see the angel but I felt it there. Perhaps it was the angel that caused her to cross her eyes. Then she said something that disturbed me. As she was looking at me with her eyes crossed, and as I felt the presence of an angel standing beside her, she said to me, “You're God!” Then her eyes became uncrossed and she was herself again. I continued on my way into the kitchen where I leaned over the sink and emptied the contents of my stomach.


I met another young man whom I adored. We both got involved in transcendental meditation (TM) and our instructor gave us both our individual mantras. A mantra was our own personal word that we were to repeat over and over again to ourselves, silently, while we were meditating. We were told to never let anyone know what our mantra was. My mantra was ‘INGA’. So I repeated Inga over and over again, in my mind as I was meditating. The more I said the word ‘Inga’ repeatedly over and over again silently to myself it began to change to a different word. ‘INGA’ soon became ‘I’m God’ and I could not get it to go back to ‘Inga’. No matter how hard I tried I could not say ‘Inga’. ‘I’m God’ kept coming into my mind. I could not get back to my original mantra, “INGA”. It got so bad that I had to quit meditating. I had to break all my connections with TM and my friend. They both were now out of my life.

May 1974

Sometime in May 1974 my psychologist wanted me to see a psychiatrist to get some megavitamins. I was very apprehensive, reluctant, and against the idea. I was very close to my psychologist and I did not want to see anyone else. But when my psychologist told me the psychiatrist’s name I calmed down. His name was Dr. Goodman and I figured with a name like that he had to be a good man, so I agreed to go see him.

May 28, 1974

This was my first appointment with Dr. Goodman. I found him to be a very warm, kind, and understanding person. He was very good to me and it did not bother me to go to him. He prescribed some megavitamins for me which I soon began to take. For the next two years I was seeing both the psychologist and Dr. Goodman and was on the megavitamin therapy.

Winter 1975

Despite all the trauma in my life I was able to continue with college until Spring of 1974. I did not attend school Autumn Quarter of 1974 and tried to go back Winter Quarter of 1975. But my grades were so bad and so many things were happening to me, and I had so much coming at me that I just gave up and quit school for good.

April 28, 1976

I began to get headaches localized on my left side in the same area where I had been hit in the eye and forehead by a softball five years earlier. I consulted an ENT specialist thinking it was my sinuses. The specialist thought surgery might help so prior to septoplasty I was given an EEG. The results proved to be abnormal. The night before surgery I was walking down the hall of the hospital when I heard a very authoritative silent voice say, “Don’t you have that surgery!” It was the same silent voice I had heard so many times before. It was not audible. It was a silent voice. I turned around, but saw no one. I knew it was Jesus. When I returned to my room I confronted Jesus about it. I told Him that I had asked Him to cure me of these headaches, but He didn’t, so I had no choice but to seek medical attention. So now, here I was the night before surgery and He comes to me and tells me not to have the surgery. I was confused. I was now twenty-three years old, and I was still in communication with Jesus. This had now been going on for nearly five years. Most of the time when Jesus told me to do something, I obeyed and everything turned out okay. But there were also a few times when He told me to do something, and I disobeyed. It was those times that the result of disobedience turned out to be disastrous. This was one of those times. I had the surgery and my headaches got worse, and I still suffer today, with no relief, even after trying countless prescribed medications and seeing many physicians.  Nothing hit the spot. Nothing took the pain away.

Not too long after my surgery, I was lying in bed one afternoon when an evil voice in my head kept repeating, “Kill yourself, do it now, kill yourself!” My body became very tight and I began tossing and turning in bed trying to fight off the evil voice. I kept saying, “No, no, no!” as I tossed and turned in bed. Then suddenly I felt the evil spirit leave my body. It just rose up out of my body and I saw it exit through my bedroom window. The image I recall seeing was smaller than myself. I would say it was about three foot tall and slightly on the obese side, sort of pudgy, stocky, and slightly fat and round. It was a ghostly figure. I do not recall seeing any legs or arms, but the torso and head, yes. I watched it just float out the window. It just rose up out of my body after the fight I had with it. I stood up and felt like a different person. I felt like a huge burden had been lifted from me. I can’t explain it any better than to say that I felt like the same person I was before it had entered my body five years earlier on that fateful May 4, 1971. The date that the demon left me may have been May 4, 1976. That would make sense. That would make it exactly five years, to the date. If it was not the exact day, it was awful close to it. According to my records it had to have been sometime between April, 28, 1976 and June 29, 1976. At any rate, the demon was finally gone from my body, and I felt like myself again. I heard a minister once say that demons feed off sin. If a person is possessed, the more the person sins, the more obese, or fat, the demon becomes. That would explain what I saw. The demon was somewhat obese. The demon was ‘Gone At Last’.

Gone At last - Jimmy Swaggart
Gone At last - Me
Sometime after 1976

Video of room and window demon flew out of

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