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So you believed that the reason Jesus kept communicating with you and would not leave you alone was because He wanted you to help Him to come back. And that through the song ‘Dream On’ He was telling you to keep dreaming of how you wanted to help Him to come back. Why would Jesus need anyone’s help in coming back? He Is God.


During my relapse in 1973 I was working part-time at a retail store. I began to show my problems at work and my boss told me that she could no longer depend on me. One day the lady in charge of hiring and firing people was walking around the store. I was waiting on customers and I noticed that she was watching me. I was not doing my job very well and I knew it. It had become very difficult for me to hold down a job while at the same time experiencing these things from the supernatural world. My personal problems were interfering with my job performance. I got this horrible feeling from her that she was thinking about firing me. She never approached me and never said anything to me and then left my sight.

She died in her sleep that night. I found out about it the next day. A few days later her husband came into the store and introduced himself to me. He said his wife had some things in the back of the store and he asked me to get them for him. I did. He told me she died of a heart attack. I asked him if she had any heart trouble. He started to cry and said no, that she was a very healthy person. He told me that God took her. It was her time to go and that is the way he had to look at it. I felt so sorry for him, but nothing I said alleviated his grief.

This was not the only death I had to deal with that seemed to be related to what I was experiencing. There were many other deaths, including the way both my parents had died. Two of my doctors died, a friend of mine died, my neighbor died, and my co-worker died. Each of these deaths were directly related to what I was experiencing. I will not disclose how they had died because each one was unexpected and some very tragic.

October 6, 1973

Another thing that occurred during my relapse in 1973 was a war in Israel called the Yom Kipper War. It began on October 6, 1973 and  ended October 24, 1973. This was the most serious war in the Mid East since the six day war in 1967. The Yom Kipper War lasted nineteen days. I believed Jesus was telling me that there was going to be another war because the message in this song was about a ‘Showdown’. Listen to the last of the lyrics. They are: You gotta save me girl, when I'm ready to save. I'm a fool for you. You know I need you. Come on and save me. Can't you feel what you are doing to me now? I'm on the run for you. Gotta save your soul.

Electric Light Orchestra - 1973

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