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The night before your surgery Jesus told you not to have the surgery. But you disobeyed Him and had the surgery anyway. Your headaches got worse and you still suffer with them today. After five years of demon possession the demon finally left your body, but not without a fight. You felt a huge burden lifted and felt like yourself again. Did anyone else notice the change in you?

At my next appointment with my psychologist he noted a change in me. He told me that I was more aware of what was going on around me. He attributed it to the vitamins I was taking. I did not tell him what had happened. What was the point? He did not want to believe the other things I had told him, so I did not tell him about the experience I had with the demon. I knew it was not the vitamins that had changed me. The change in me was the result of the demon finally leaving my body after five years of possession.

July 1, 1976

I had an appointment with Dr. Goodman. He also noticed a change in me. He told me that I seemed a lot better. He said I was more expressive. So both my doctors noticed the change in me.

November 23, 1976

I had another appointment with Dr. Goodman. He asked me what had been happening in my life. I told him strange things. He asked me what kind of strange things. I told him there were connections between my psychologist and myself. He asked me to explain those connections. So I asked him for a piece of paper and wrote the following information on it.

My psychologist grew up on Cherry St. in New York. I grew up on Cherry St. in my state.

My psychologist came from a poor family. I came from a poor family.

My psychologist is Italian. I am Italian.

My psychologists’ last name ends in ‘relli’. My last name ends in ‘relli’.

My psychologists’ office is on Weber Rd. My personal physicians’ name is Dr. Weber.

Dr. Goodman told me that those were omens and that they could mean anything I wanted them to mean. I did not know what an omen was and Dr. Goodman would not tell me when I asked him what it was. He told me to look it up in the dictionary when I got home. So when I got home I went to the library and consulted an encyclopedia and looked up omen. This is the definition from the encyclopedia.

OMEN – An exceptional experience or occurrence believed to be a sign of a coming event, or of news from a distant place. The word implies that such signs are either produced by a superior power or at least an external agency, or that they are received by means of an exceptional faculty or gift. Thus omens belong to the larger category of divination, the receiving of knowledge by means outside recognized natural human powers. Many types of omens have been recognized in one part of the world or another.

Naturally the advancement of learning made the interpretation of omens as supernatural signs too ridiculous for serious belief. The omen theory has disappeared along with the supernatural theory of disease and catastrophe wherever natural science has penetrated.

It does appear, however, that there was a valid basis at least for certain forms of omen divination. These belong mostly to the subjective, as distinguished from the objective, type of omens. In the subjective case it is reasonable to consider the sign as an hallucination. The objective omen deals with reality. In this sophisticated age, it is quite another matter when, on certain cases of subjective omens, there appears to be a persistent recurrence of coincidence with subsequent events. Science then properly looks for new explanations. Progress in the study of mental health has helped to bring scientific attention to omens.

Today the recurrent and upsetting experience of omens by an individual is more likely to lead to a psychiatrist. When, however, the experience of a warning is borne out by a significant event – that is, when true precognition is involved – it is then not a question of mental health, but rather, one for the new science of parapsychology.

So ends the explanation of omens. This definition of omens hit me rather hard because it relates to many events in my life. Many of the things I experienced, I believed to be signs of a coming event. And this coming event is the return of Jesus Christ to this earth to rule. News from a distant place? I was getting news from Jesus all the time. These signs were produced by a superior power, Jesus Christ. In my case there was a persistent recurrence of coincidence.  And of course my experience of omens led me to seek help. And I believe true precognition is involved.

At my next appointment with Dr. Goodman, he suggested I start looking for a full-time job, since I was doing so much better. I knew I could not do that as long as Jesus was still communicating to me over the TV and through Rock Songs. It would have been too much for me to handle. So I had a little talk with Jesus.

Just a Little Talk With Jesus
Artist Unknown - Date Unknown

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