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Both your psychologist and your psychiatrist noticed a change in you after the demon left your body. Your psychiatrist stated your experiences were omens. You believed they were omens concerning the Second Coming. Your psychiatrist suggested that you look for a full-time job now that you were doing so much better.

I told Jesus that Dr. Goodman suggested that I look for a full-time job and that in order for me to work full time He would have to leave me alone. I only asked for three years of silence. I asked Jesus to leave me alone for three years so that I could concentrate on looking for a full time job and then learning that job. I knew I would not survive in the work world if Jesus continued to communicate to me through songs and TV. So I asked Jesus to seriously leave me alone for three years. And He listened to me.

For three years, from late 1977, and all through 1978 and 1979, there were no songs with messages in them from Jesus. These were my years of silence from above. Jesus left me alone except for an occasional interruption. I was able to concentrate on my job search. In December of 1977 I found full-time employment at the local hospital in my home town. I began to really pull my life together once again. I was able to move away from home in March of 1978 and got my own apartment.


One night I was in bed for the night at my apartment. My room was dark and quiet. I lay awake and was thinking very deeply about my psychologist. Then I heard a female voice call out my name. It was audible. It caught my attention. I became very alert. Then I heard a male voice cry out, “I Want To Come Back!” It was silent. It was Jesus. I recognized His voice.  It was a pleading voice, a crying voice, an outcry. He cried out, “I Want To Come Back!” I felt the presence of Him in my room, but I kept my eyes closed because I was too afraid to look. I was even too afraid to move. I kept my eyes shut. I must have then fallen asleep. I kept this experience and many others to myself.

It was in this same apartment that another incident happened to me not long after the one I just mentioned.  One night I was alone in my apartment watching TV in the evening. All of a sudden there was an interruption on TV. During the program I was watching the TV turned to sudden snow. At first I thought the TV had gone on the blink. Then the snow disappeared and I began to watch events that had occurred in my life. It was like a review of my life. Images flashed on the TV screen very, very fast; images of things that had occurred in my life. They were like flashbacks of events in my life and they were flashing on the TV screen at a rapid speed. I was watching my life’s events flashing before me. I became very upset and began to pace the floor as I watched the events on the TV screen. I then said to myself, “I cannot be that crazy! This is Jesus communicating to me over the TV. I know it is Him!” Then I began to talk to Jesus as I paced the floor.

I reminded Jesus that I needed three years of no communication. I said, “Okay Jesus, I need those three years of no communication. I demand that you leave me alone for three years. This will give me time to concentrate on my new job at the hospital. I can’t live in these two worlds anymore. I need to get into reality. If you want me to help you come back, Fine, I will. But please leave me alone for those three years I asked for.” Then as I was still watching flashbacks of my life on the TV screen, I made a plan with Jesus.

I told Jesus that at the end of those three years of silence I wanted Him to somehow make me sick so that I would have to be admitted to the hospital where I work. And that I wanted Him to let the good doctor, the one who would be taking care of me, whomever he may be, to be able to experience the same things I was experiencing. I wanted the doctor to be able to figure out what was going on. But for now it is important for me to concentrate on my job so that I can learn it well and be realistic about life. This I planned with Jesus while I still had the communication of the flashbacks of my life flashing before me on the TV screen. Then I turned off the TV and went to bed. That was just ‘Part Of The Plan’.

Part Of The Plan
Dan Fogelberg - 1975

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