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Okay, so you believe that you and Father Geidman are responsible for the Second Coming of Christ. But Father Geidman does not want to accept the responsibility and always brushes you away. You watched the first video you made for him (after that video sat for 13 years) to refresh your memory and had a supernatural experience that night. You were going to contact Father Geidman after that experience to ask him to watch the second video, but decided against it. A year later you met with the minister and his wife whom you had meetings with seventeen years prior. You tell them of this supernatural experience and the minister states that you are being pushed into going to Father Geidman again. You believed the same thing. On your way back to your home state you end up in Father Geidman’s town and neighborhood because of surrounding circumstances; not by choice, but by chance. You were afraid you would see him so you high tail it out of there and get home safely. It does sound like you were being pushed into going to him. Why didn’t you contact him?


The last time I met with Father Geidman he said something to me that disturbed me. I told Jesus that I felt like I could not contact him because of what he said to me at that last meeting. I told Jesus that I felt too uncomfortable contacting him because of what he said. So I decided to take a different route which Jesus and I are working out the details.


I never offered the second video to Father Geidman to watch.


Meetings/Phone Calls with Father Geidman 1971 and thereafter: For a more detailed explanation refer to page numbers.


Summer 1971

1. Phone conversation - Nothing supernatural happened. (Page 13)

2. Phone Conversation - I called Father Geidman and told him I thought my mother was on her way up to the rectory to speak with him. He told me that if, when my mother returned home, she walked in the door carrying two bags of groceries, then she had not been up to see him. When my mother returned home she walked in the door carrying two bags of groceries. I knew then that she had not been up to see him. How did he do that? Shortly after this phone conversation I heard a silent voice whisper “Marie”. “It’s me, Jesus”. “Yes, it’s me, Jesus.” (Page 13)

3. Phone Conversation - Nothing supernatural happened. (Page 13)


Autumn 1971

1. Phone Conversation - Nothing supernatural happened. (Page 20)

2. Meeting in Person - Shortly after meeting I saw Jesus for the first time, and twice on the same night of October 31, 1971, Halloween Night (Page 22)



Meeting in Person - Father Geidman began to spin in circles and repeat over and over again "Jesus is the Son of..., Jesus is the Son of ..., Jesus is the Son of..." and he could not finish his sentence. (Page 35)


November 21, 1981

Phone Conversation - At the precise moment that Father Geidman answered the phone Jesus walked through the wall of the room I was in and pointed to my landline telephone, then walked out through the same wall he had entered. Two days after speaking with him, I heard the flapping of wings as I lay in bed and I felt the presence of an angel beside me. (Page 43)


February 27, 1982

Meeting in Person - Six months after this meeting I saw Jesus in the sky with His arm outstretched. (Page 43)


November 22, 1992

Called, left message - Nothing supernatural happened. (Page 46)


April 13, 1993

Phone Conversation - Thirteen days after speaking with him, his trial ended. (Page 46)


September 19, 1993

Meeting in Person - Nothing supernatural happened. (Page 46)


September 24, 1993

Meeting in Person - Nothing supernatural happened. (Page 46)


October 1, 1993

Phone Conversation - Nothing supernatural happened. (Page 46)


July 8, 1995

Meeting in Person - About a year after this meeting I got struck by lightening and all the pains in my body disappeared. But it was short lived. All my physical pain returned when I touched the door handle of my car. (Page 46)


August 3, 2014

Met in person at a discreet location.(Page 54)


Important Dates/Numbers

April 13, 1991 - Decided to go to a Sunday service at a different church. The next day began attending this new church.

April 13, 1992 - First meeting with the minister and his wife at this new church I was attending.

April 13, 1993 – Called Father Geidman and spoke with him. He told me to pray for him. So, I did.

April 13, 1999 – Retired from hospital after twenty one years of service

May 11, 1992 - Second meeting with the minister and his wife

July 27, 1992 - Third meeting with the minister and his wife. (Seventeen days later Father Geidman is arrested)

August 13, 1971 - My second day in a mental hospital (My room number was 313 on the third floor. I was admitted at 3 P.M.)

August 13, 1992 - Father Geidman is arrested and spends one day in jail (I was thrown in jail on August 9, 1971, spent three days there, then transferred to the hospital)

November 22, 1992 – Called Father Geidman and left message on his answering machine.

January 20, 1993 – Fourth meeting with minister and his wife

February 4, 18, and 26 1993, Father Geidman in court

April 26, 1953 – I was baptized as an infant in the Roman Catholic Church

April 26, 1993 – Father Geidman’s Trial ended abruptly after a witness changed her story. It ended 13 days after I spoke with him.

May 19, 1993 – Fifth and last meeting with the minister and his wife

September 19, 1993 – Met with Father Geidman

September 24, 1993 – Met with Father Geidman

September 28, 1993 – The minister and his wife leave the state to minister at a new church

October 1, 1971 – I was discharged from the mental hospital

October 1, 1993 – Called Father Geidman and spoke with him

July 8, 1995 – Met with Father Geidman

Three numbers of my Social Security Number and Father Geidman's home address are the same numbers in sequence.

Dates I saw Jesus

(1+2) October 31, 1971 Twice (Page 22)

3. Sometime Between 1972 and 1973 (Page 32)

4. November 21, 1981 (Page 43)

5. August 20, 1982 (Page 44)

6. September 1982 (Page 44)

7. One more time sometime between 1982 and 1983 (Page 44)


Jesus-Silent Voices

1971 “Marie, It’s Me Jesus. Yes, it’s Me Jesus.” (Page 13)

1972 or 1973 “Don’t you marry Kurt!” (Page 32)

April 28, 1976 “Don’t you have that surgery!” (Page 37)

1978 “I want to come back!” (Page 39)

1979 “Set it up for me!” (Page 40)

1991 “You didn’t try Father Geidman." (Page 44)

Sometime after 1993 “Go into the kitchen." (Page 46)


Female-Audible Voice

1978 "Marie" (Page 39)


Jesus-Audible Voice

April 1993 "He is God The Father!" (Page 46)


Things my mother told me

“Father Geidman has ‘a thing’ for you” (Page 8)

“It looks like God is communicating to you over the TV” (Page 36)

“I didn’t see anything but I felt something strange” (Page 44)

“This place is spooked” (Page 46)


Things my siblings told me

(Sister-sometime between 1971 and 1974) “You're God” (Page 37)

(Brother-2008) “You're the female version of Jesus” (Page 49)


Things the minister told me

“We are on your side”

“God is hard on you”

“We love you and we care about you”

"Are you The Spirit of Truth?"

“You’re being pushed”

“You’re beyond the Bible”


Demon-Silent Voice

1976 “Kill yourself. Do it now!” (Page 37)

2009 “He can’t help you!” (Page 49)


The Number 13

My birthdate adds up to 13. 3+ 2+ 0 + 5 + 3 = 13 (3/20/53)

Father Geidman’s birthdate adds up to 13. 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 = 13 (12/ 19)

I was 13 years old when my last sibling was born

My sibling died on 4/28/1970. 4 + 2 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 0 = 31. 31 reversed = 13

My second day in the mental hospital was August 13, 1971.

Father Geidman was arrested on August 13, 1992.

My psychologist was born on June 13.

My psychologists’ office number was 130.

My church offering envelope number was 130.

Phone number of the church I was attending from 1991-1998 added up to 13 when divided by two.

Address of the church I was attending added up to 13. 2 + 4 + 3 + 4 = 13

The last four digits of the new pastor’s phone number equaled 13.

My first visit with the minister and his wife was on April 13, 1992

I called and spoke with Father Geidman on April 13, 1993.

Father Geidman’s trial ended 13 days after I called and spoke with him on April 13, 1993.

The two videos I made for Father Geidman sat in a box in my closet for 13 years before I ever watched them again.

The numbers on my ID card from work equaled 13.

June 13, 1997 was my last day to work as a secretary at the hospital, before I transferred as a nursing assistant at the hospital.

My number on a group bike ride in 1997 was 283. 2 + 3 + 8 = 13.

My last day to work at the hospital was April 13, 1999, after twenty-one years of service.

Jesus had 39 lashes. 39 divided by 3 = 13

There were 13 chests of the Temple Treasury in Jerusalem

There were 13 gates that opened to the Temple in Jerusalem

There were 13 recipients for offerings in the court for women in Jerusalem

The twelve disciples plus Jesus equals 13


The new minister and his wife at the church I was attending (not the minister and his wife I had meetings with, but their replacements) were married on August 14, 1965. The minister died October 3, 2010. He was 66.

Again, this is just a portion of my story. I have not included everything that has occurred over the last 40 plus years. There is much, much, much, much, more that I am keeping to myself. My life has been ridiculously abnormal. The stuff that has happened to me over the past forty plus years is not normal stuff. And it is not my imagination. Jesus is real. I have seen Him at least seven times in the last forty plus years, and have communicated with Him in the last forty plus years also. You may be wondering how in God’s name I have survived all this. It is because I know Jesus. What if it’s all true? My friend, it is.

Animal I Have Become
Three Days Grace - 2006

Disclaimer: Everything is true to the best of my knowledge. If I find that I have made an error, I will go back and correct it. Any songs I used after 1980 were not from Jesus, but were used by me to make my point. A few songs prior to 1971 were also inserted by me, but some were also from Jesus.


The best advice anyone ever gave me was, "Quit Fighting It".


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