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So almost three years into the plan you fell roller skating. Did you injure yourself?

I lay on the floor crying when I realized I was hurt and at the same time thinking, “Okay, this is it, the plan is about to unfold.” I had no idea I was going to fall and hurt myself. The squad was called and I was taken to the hospital where I worked. My left elbow was dislocated and the ER physician snapped it back into place. A cast was applied and I was admitted to the hospital overnight.

October 5, 1980

In the morning, the orthopedic physician from Europe, the one who looked like Father Geidman, walked into my hospital room and stood at the end of my bed. My eyes were closed, but I heard someone enter the room. When I opened my eyes and saw him standing at the end of my bed, calm came over me and I said to him, “Oh, Hi!” He said, “Roller skating, eh?” I replied, “Yea.” He then sat on my bed and asked me if I had any diseases, illnesses, or allergies. He had outstanding bedside manners. I answered no to all three. He then asked, “Nothing? None?” I refused to tell him anything. I had decided some time ago that I was not going to discuss my health history to anyone, anymore, at anytime. What was the point? I did not speak a word to him about my past. I turned my head away from him and then, in my mind I told an angel to come into the room when I said, “Now!” in my mind only. I got ready and said, “Now!” I felt the presence of angel enter through the window and I believe the physician felt it too. I did this as part of the plan because I wanted the good doctor to experience the same thing I was experiencing. This was only the beginning. He left the room and I was released from the hospital later that day.

October 15, 1980

I had an appointment with the orthopedic physician and my cast was cut off. During my later appointments with him in his office we would chat. One evening at work I was standing at the nurses’ station while this orthopedic physician was making rounds seeing his patients. He was standing outside the nurses’ station writing on a patients’ chart. I felt the presence of an angel standing beside me and the presence of other angels standing around me. The angel that was standing beside me left my side and either flew or ran over to the outside of the nurses’ station where the orthopedic physician was standing. He felt it too, because he looked around as if something was standing beside him. Then he looked at me and yelled at me, “What the hell is going on around here?” Then he slammed the patient’s chart shut, threw it at me, and left the floor.

I felt very bad for him and felt it was my responsibility to notify him of what was going on. I wrote him a short note and explained a few things to him. I told him not to worry about anything that had happened, that I had it under control, and that I knew what I was doing, and to just trust me. A few days later he came up to me at work, pulled up a chair beside me, and whispered in my ear, “Thank You, Thank You.” Then he left my side. He had thanked me for the letter I had written to him earlier explaining a few things to him.


He stayed at our hospital for one more year after my accident. Then he moved to another hospital about 50 miles north. He went to a Catholic hospital where there were nuns. Just before he left we asked him if he were a Catholic. He replied that he was not, but that there was a religious feeling around the hospital. Then we asked him why he was going to a Catholic hospital if he was not Catholic. He replied, “Because they do not have an orthopedic physician there”. I asked him if we would ever see him again. He replied that he would be around nuns and asked me if I thought that the nuns would have him. I did not answer him. I just stared at him. Then he left the nurses’ station. I saw him just a few times more after this, and then he moved on to practice at the Catholic hospital. The plan I had made with Jesus just three years earlier had unfolded and had become a reality. Jesus wants to come back. He told me so. He wants me to help Him with His dream to come back. He wants me to ‘Make His Dreams’ of coming back come true.

You Make My Dreams
Hall and Oates - 1980

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