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Jesus came through for you and the information you requested was in the Catholic newspaper. You made plans to contact Father Geidman but backed out of the plans. Jesus did His part by providing you with the information you requested from Him via the Catholic newspaper, but you did not abide by your part because you backed out of the plans. When you cancelled your plans, your mother was in a serious car accident and you felt guilty and at fault. Every time you disobey Jesus tragedy results in your life. Every time you do not do what Jesus tells you to do, or if Jesus abides by His part, but you don't, something terrible in your life happens.


Five months after my mom's accident, in April of 1992, I told Jesus to give me one more year. Then I would contact Father Geidman. But again, I felt the pressure from above to contact him earlier than that. I did not want to do it any sooner than that. So instead of obeying Jesus, I chose to go to someone else. I asked the minister of the church I was attending if I could talk with him. He agreed, and I set up an appointment to meet with him and his wife at their home.


April 13, 1992

This was my first appointment, of many, with the minister and his wife. When I arrived at their house, I began to tell them everything, from the very beginning. I talked for two hours. The minister said the demons had been tormenting me for twenty years. (It was actually 21 years by this time). He said that there was nothing in scripture that says anything about what I've spoken about, unless; Then his phone rang. After the phone conversation he, his wife, and I all prayed together, and I returned home.


May 11, 1992

I again met with the minister and his wife at their house at my request. When I told them more, in detail, about the strange things that had happened to me in my life, then strange things began to happen to them. I still had not contacted Father Geidman at this time.


July 27, 1992

I again met with the minister and his wife. I was a little early and the minister had not yet arrived home. Our appointment was for 3 p.m. His wife and I sat and talked waiting for her husband to arrive. At exactly 3 p.m. the clock in their living room stopped. The minister's wife said, "That's odd, the clock just stopped." When the minister arrived he said I was just imagining things and that I was superstitious. This time he was not accepting anything I told him. So I got up to leave and he got his Bible and began to read scripture to me concerning the Holy Spirit. I did not want to listen to the reading and so I walked out on him. As I was driving down the road heading for home the car in front of me had a license plate that read "SPIRIT".


The minister began to say things in his sermons that were not scriptural. His sermons were not as good as they used to be. The church confronted him about this and he was under attack from the members. Many people left the church. His behavior continued to spiral down. He was having a breakdown and it was all my fault. He was experiencing the supernatural and it could not be explained by me, him, or anyone else. It was just something that happened. He had to step down from the pulpit and some Sundays, he and his wife would sit with me in the church pew while ministers from other churches came to preach the sermons on Sundays. He also had to leave town for awhile to get intense counseling at a discreet location.


November 22, 1992

I was still getting pressure from above to contact Father Geidman. It never really lifted; I just tried to ignore it. But it got so bad that I finally gave in and called him. It was just a year, almost to the date, that I had told Jesus that I would contact Father Geidman, but had declined to do so. When I called there was no answer. So I left a message on the answering machine identifying myself, and asking Father Geidman to please call me. He, of course, had no idea of what was going on in my life, any more than I knew of what was going on in his life. It had now been almost eleven years since I had last contacted him. He never returned my call so I told Jesus, "I did my part. He did not return my call. Case closed!"


January 20, 1993

I again met with the minister and his wife at their house. We discussed a few more things. I never told anyone, not a soul that I was meeting with them.


"Thunder"    Sometime between April 1 and April 13, 1993

The pressure from above to contact Father Geidman was still haunting me. It had been strong ever since the Gulf War two years earlier, and I still had not made contact with him because I kept coming up with excuses. The pressure never did let up or cease. I began to question myself and decided it was insane for me to continue to believe that Father Geidman is God the Father in the Flesh, like I had believed all those years, and I was going to put it to rest once again.


So that day, as I was getting ready to settle down for the night, I fell to my knees beside my bed and told Jesus I was not going to believe that about Father Geidman anymore and that I was going to pray to God the Father in heaven. And so I did. Then I went to bed and fell asleep. In the middle of the night I was awoken by a very loud noise that sounded like thunder, but it was not raining and there was no storm. I looked around in my bedroom but saw nothing unusual. Then I heard a very authorative voice say, "He is God The Father!" It was audible. It was the same voice I had heard so many times before. "Okay!", I said. "Okay! Okay! I will believe he is God The Father again. I will! I will! But please leave me alone. Don't talk to me. Please don't do strange things to me again!"


April 13, 1993

I was still getting pressure from above to contact Father Geidman again. I felt I should again try to contact him. So I did. Exactly one year to the date of my first meeting with the minister and his wife, I called the parish where Father Geidman was assigned. I was told that he was on a temporary leave of absence because there were some problems. I was told that I could contact him by writing him a letter and they would see to it that he received it. So I began to write him a letter but decided instead to call him at home, because I figured he might be there. Bingo. He answered the phone.


I introduced myself and asked him if he was okay. He assured me he was. I again asked him if was okay. He again assured me he was and thanked me for my concern. He asked me how I was doing and I told him I had a few problems, but that I always iron them out. I tried to get him to talk about some things in the past that I believed were connected to our lives. But he assured me that there was no connection between what happened to me in my life and what happened to him in his life. Really? He asked me to pray for him and I told him I would. After our conversation ended, I fell to my knees and began to pray for him immediately because I knew something was wrong. I had no idea what was wrong, I just knew something was amiss because he sounded so sad and the secretary had told me he was on a leave of absence because there had been some problems. I then wrote him a letter and he never answered. It was then that I realized that something seriously was wrong, but I did not want to bother him anymore. I figured whatever was wrong was none of my business, and I left him alone.


May 19, 1993

I again walked into the living room of the minister's house, this time at his request. He wanted to talk to me this time. This time the assistant pastor was also there. The minister told me that he was going to be leaving the church soon to pastor a church out of state. He wanted the assistant pastor to be aware of my problems so that I could go to him should I need him. The assistant pastor asked me if I ever prayed to God the Father. I told him no, that I only prayed to Jesus. The minister then asked me if I was the Spirit of Truth. I did not answer him. He then said that they were all on my side. I told them that I knew they were. They were all very kind to me at this fifth and final meeting before they moved out of state.


I was still living with my mother at this time and she began to notice some strange things happening around the apartment. She got very frightened one day and said to me, "This place is spooked!" I asked her what she meant by that. She said that the lights would flicker off and on every now and then. I told her there was probably a short somewhere. She informed me that there was no short anywhere and that there were spooks in the apartment. Then it happened to me. The lights flickered off and on while I was there. I got frightened and told mom I was moving out. She said she was not going to live in that apartment alone with the spooks, so she moved back into her house with her sons, and I found an apartment elsewhere.


July 6, 1993

I moved into a different apartment by myself.


July 7, 1993

The pressure to contact Father Geidman began to build up again, so I called the parish where Father Geidman was last assigned. This was just three months after I had spoken with him on the phone at his home. I was told that he was no longer at that parish. He had been transferred to a different parish. I found out where he was transferred and planned to visit him there. But before I went to him I made two more plans with Jesus. The first was that I would go to a Mass that Father Geidman said, and I would talk with him afterwards and give him the first video I made for him. I figured if I could convince him to watch the first video, then I could perhaps convince him to watch the second video later. That was the first plan.


I hated the apartment I was living in and I wanted a house, so I began to bribe Jesus. I said, "Jesus, If you want me to help you come back, then get me a house. I want a ranch, in a good neighborhood, one that I can afford, and I want a garage and a basement. That was the second plan. About a month later I found a note in my mailbox at my apartment. My sister wanted me to call her as soon as possible after I had read the note. I called her and she said she had found the perfect house for me. As soon as I walked into the house I fell in love with it. The price and location was right and it had everything I wanted. I signed the papers to purchase the house on August 14, 1993. I closed on the house on August 31, 1993.


September 7, 1993

I got the keys to the house. The house was now officially mine. Exactly two months into the plan I had my house.


September 19, 1993

Father Geidman and I finally met face to face after two years and eight months of pressure from above. That's almost three years later. I had proceeded with my previous plans with Jesus, called the parish where Father Geidman was assigned, and found out what Mass he would be saying that Sunday. I went to his parish and sat through the Mass that he said.


After Mass I went to the back of the church where Father Geidman was greeting parishioners. I asked him if I could speak with him sometime. He said, "Sure, just call the office and make an appointment." Then he went on to say that he had some time now, so I told him we could talk now. As we were walking to the rectory, he asked me what my name was. I figured he did not know me. It had now been eleven years since we last saw each other. When I told him who I was he said he had thought so, but he was not sure. He then wanted to know how I knew he was going to be there. I told him I had my ways. He said I had "lucked out" because he usually does not say Mass. I did not luck out! I had planned this meeting with Jesus. Jesus is the one who had worked this meeting out. Father Geidman just does not get it. He is the one who has not caught on. Remember the lyric "Father just don't get it" from the song "Blame it on the love of Rock and Roll"? Well this is the meaning. This is the revelation. Father Geidman just does not get it that Jesus and I are in cahoots with each other. Father Geidman does not get it. Father Geidman has not caught on. The "Father" in the lyric refers to Father Geidman. He just does not understand. He does not get it. He has not caught on.


When we arrived in the rectory we sat in one of the offices there where we talked. I brought the first of the two videos with me for him to watch. If I could get him to watch the first video, then maybe I could convince him to watch the second video later. I presented the first video to him and asked him to please watch it and to watch it in private because it had some very personal things on it. I then told him I would like to return to him after he watched it to discuss it with him. He agreed to that. So I set up an appointment to meet with him a few days later.


September 24, 1993

I met with Father Geidman again. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: Did you watch the video?

Father Geidman: Yes. It was put together very cleverly. You are very sharp and intelligent, but I suggest you get into therapy. How long has it been since you have seen a psychologist?

Me: About ten years.

Father Geidman: I suggest you get someone to talk to and get on medication.

Me: I have been that route and the medication was doing me more harm than good, and I feel better without it.

Father Geidman: There are advances in medicine today. You have to be cooperative.

Me: I am not very cooperative.

Father Geidman: How do you feel right now?

Me: I feel fine.

Father Geidman: I suggest you go see a psychologist.

Me: If you want me to go to a psychologist, then you find one for me and it has to be a Christian Psychologist.

Father Geidman: I will make some phone calls and try to find someone for you to talk to. Then I will send you that information in the mail.

Me: Father, what happened to you that caused you to lose your position at the previous parish and be transferred here?

Father Geidman: In August of 1992 I went to a park to walk as part of my therapy for my medical problem. When I arrived at the park I decided to sun bathe. I had my swimming trunks on under a pair of shorts and was lying out at the park. There were some children around and one of them asked me for a cigarette. I was rather disappointed that a child would ask me for a cigarette, and somehow, one thing led to another, and the police were called and I was arrested and I went to jail. Then I had to go to court, then I was put on trial. It was in the newspaper and on the channel six news.

Me: Oh, so you know what it is like to be in jail.

Father Geidman: Yea.

Me: It is pretty humiliating, isn't it?

Father Geidman: (He shook his head yes) Didn't you read about it in the newspaper or see it on the channel six news?

Me: No. This is the first I've heard about it.

Father Geidman: I was arrested for indecent exposure, even though I had my swimming trunks on under my shorts. When they found out I was a priest, then I got even more coverage and attention.

Me: Your name adds up to 666.

Father Geidman: I cancelled a meeting to watch your video. Most of the things in the video are right-on, but I do question some things. (He hands me back my video. Notice how he evaded my 666 comment.)

Me: What do you think about the last days?

Father Geidman: I don't think about it. I don't even preach about it. There are too many other things that need to be done. You need to read the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Me: May I shut the door? (There was a woman in an office right across from the office we were in. I believe she was planted there as a witness that nothing happened.)

Father Geidman: No!

Me: Oh, because of the trouble you've been in.

Father Geidman: I just got back from Europe. I have lots of family in Germany.


I spent an hour with Father Geidman that day. I told him I had just bought a house and left my address with him. As I was leaving he told me to call him later. I began to investigate his story of being in a park and getting arrested. I found that information. Sure enough, it was all true. He had been arrested on August 13, 1992. That is twenty-one years later, after my incident on August 9, 1971. If he had just accepted responsibility for my problems back in 1971 that I wanted him to, then perhaps all his problems with the law could have been avoided. My mom's accident, the ministers downfall, and Father Geidman's problems could all have been avoided if I had just obeyed Jesus from the get go and had contacted Father Geidman when I had made the plan with Jesus. But I had backed out of the plan and tragedy resulted.


August 13, 1992 - Father Geidman arrested


Thursday, August 13, 1992 Father Geidman arrested. He spent one day in jail. This was just one year after Jesus told me to include my 1971 ordeal in the video I made for Father Geidman. Father Geidman was arrested on a Thursday. Jesus was arrested on a Thursday. Father Geidman was arrested, outside, in a public park. Jesus was arrested outside, in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Sometime between August and October 1992 Father Geidman in Germany.

February 4, 18, and 26 1993, Father Geidman in court.

April 13, 1993 Called Father Geidman and spoke with him. He asked me to pray for him and so after my conversation with him I dropped to my knees and earnestly prayed for him.

April 26, 1993 Father Geidman's trial ended abruptly after a witness changed her story. (Trial ended 13 days after I spoke with him and prayed for him.) His ordeal that had lasted eight months was now officially over. I beleive if I had not interceeded the end results would have been much different.

April 26, 1993 (Monday) - Trial Ends


September 28, 1993

The minister and his wife, the two that I had all my meetings with, left the state and went to another church to minister. The minister and his wife were so good to me. Whenever I asked for an appointment, they were right there for me. They never flaked me off. They were so different from the Catholic priests I had experiences with, the Catholic priests who were never available. The minister and his wife were always available for me. They told me that they loved me and that they cared about me, and that they were on my side. I never heard any of that from any Catholic priest.


Sometime after September 28, 1993

After the minister and his wife left, the church hired another minister. The strange thing about the new minister's wife was that her first name was the same as my middle name and her middle name was the same as the minister's wife's name who had just left.


October 1, 1993

I got very sick and spiked a fever. I had not yet received any information in the mail from Father Geidman concerning the Christian Psychologist he suggested I go to. I was getting a bit concerned and so I called him and asked him if he had that information for me yet. He said he had just mailed it out that morning. I received the information in the mail the following day. By now I was extremely ill. I was too sick to contact the psychologist. Needless to say, other things happened, and I never had an appointment with the Christian psychologist, which was probably all for the better.


Sometime one summer after I had purchased my house in 1993

I was out in my back yard doing some yard work this very nice summer afternoon. I heard a silent voice say, "Go into the kitchen." I said to myself, "Oh no, I just heard another silent voice. It's not real, just ignore it." And so I ignored it and continued to do my yard work. A few minutes later I heard the exact same silent voice again say, "Go into the kitchen." Again, I ignored it thinking it was not real and continued to do my yard work. A few minutes later the same silent voice again said, "Go into the kitchen." This time I obeyed the voice, dropped my yard tool, and went into the kitchen. When I got there I said, "Okay, Jesus, I am in the kitchen. What is it you wanted me to see here? Why did you want me to come into the kitchen?" I looked around the kitchen looking for a reason to be there. Then my eyes focused on a plastic container of syrup that was tipped on its side and syrup had spilled onto the counter top and was heading for the floor. That may not sound like a problem, except that I had just laid brand new carpet in the kitchen. If that syrup had reached the carpet it would have left an awful mess that might have been impossible to clean thoroughly. I grabbed a towel immediately and caught the syrup just before it would have dripped onto my new carpet. No syrup reached the carpet and the carpet was spared from a mess. Why was Jesus so concerned about the syrup spilling onto the carpet and creating a mess? I don't know. But I am glad that I listened to that silent voice.


July 8, 1995

I again met with Father Geidman. He was not expecting me and I did not have an appointment to see him. But I made a plan with Jesus before I left to see him. I asked Jesus to have Father Geidman be in the church saying confessions so I could talk with him. When I entered the church, Father Geidman was sitting in one of the pews of the church near the confessional. As I approached him he looked at me and said, I believe this is a familiar face I know. I sat down in the pew behind him and told him I was glad I was able to catch him there. I asked him if he would do me a favor. He said that he would and so I told him what I wanted him to do for me.


He told me that this was his last weekend at this particular parish and that he was being transferred to another parish. He asked me if I knew about it. I told him no. He said that I must not be reading my Catholic newspaper. I told him I read it a lot and that maybe it is in the mail today. He said his transfer was in the Catholic newspaper some time ago. I told him I must have missed it and that I would look for it. Then I left. I just wanted that favor from him. That's all.


Summer 1996

About a year after I had this visit with Father Geidman I was at the mall shopping. It was a bright, beautiful sunny summer afternoon. When I was walking back to my car in the parking lot, a bolt of lightning came down from the sky and hit me. At the instant that it hit me all my physical pain in my body was gone. My headache was gone, my eye pain was gone, as well as my left-sided sciatica pain, back pain and leg pain. It all went away. It was gone. I felt like super woman. It felt so amazing being pain free, but it did not last long. As soon as I touched the handle of my car door, all my pain returned. It happened that fast. I only enjoyed being pain free for a short time. What was that all about?

Struck by Lightening
Summer 1996

I must again compare this experience with Paul's Damascus Road experience because again it has similarities. It was mid-day (about noon) when Paul had his experience (Acts 22:6 ). The flashing light that Paul experienced may have been the effects of lightening, but it was none other than a supernatural mid-day phenomenon. The light caused Paul to go blind, a disability he lived with for three days. My lightening experience also happened during the day. It was a beautiful summer day, as I mentioned earlier, with no storm in sight. The lightening, however, that struck me cured me from all my physical pain in my body. I was instantly healed. However, my healing was short-lived. The light that flashed around Paul created him to go blind, that was also short-lived. Paul was cured from his blindness three days later. The lightening that hit me cured me from my physical problems, which returned a few seconds later. My physical problems came back just shortly after being pain free.

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