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You saw Jesus many times since 1971. The songs ended but strange things continued. You asked Jesus to send someone to you that could help you through this difficult time. He did and some stress was lifted just by having that person in your life. You moved in with your mom hoping the strange things would cease, and they did for awhile. When war was declared on Iraq you began to get pressure from above to contact Father Geidman, but refused to contact him. You bought a subscription to a Catholic newspaper and asked Jesus to tell you where Father Geidman was via that newspaper. You figured out Father Geidman equals 666. Did Jesus tell you where Father Geidman was via the Catholic newspaper? 

Summer 1991

I had not yet read any information in the Catholic newspaper concerning Father Geidman. Then, in one of the summer issues of 1991, there was a two page spread devoted to the transfer of priests to other parishes. Father Geidman was amongst those listed. Not only was there information on where he had been and where he was being transferred, his photograph was also printed in that issue. So now that I had the name of the parish where he was located, I could now contact him. I knew then that the pressure I was feeling was indeed from Jesus.

Picture and Address of Father Geidman

I knew I had to contact Father Geidman now. But from previous experience, I knew I had to do something different. So I decided to record a video tape of myself talking to him and explaining things to him and just have him watch the tape at his convenience. That way I could say and explain so much more. When I came to the part where I had pulled a fire alarm in 1971 because I was mad at him for going to Europe and not telling me, then to court, then to jail, then to a mental hospital, I pleaded with Jesus. “Jesus”, I cried out, “Do I have to tell Father Geidman all this?” I did not want to include it because it was so humiliating and so embarrassing. But Jesus told me to include it in the video, so I did. I did not want to, but I obeyed Jesus and included it in the video. I had so much to say that I ended up with two videos, each two hours long. I had covered twenty years of information in two video tapes.

Autumn 1991

When I finished the tapes I was very pleased with the results. I then had to set a deadline for myself to contact Father Geidman. I chose November 21, 1991 as my deadline date to contact him because it was the date I had called him back in 1981. As the deadline grew closer and closer I began to have second thoughts about contacting him. I told Jesus, “Why should I contact him? I really do not appreciate the way he has treated me in the past. He treats me like a little girl, he has told me that I am out of my tree, that many things are just my imagination, he doesn’t really understand me, he ignores what I tell him, he doesn’t listen to me, he’s arrogant, and he makes me nervous! Not only that, but I spent three days in jail because of him and several weeks in a mental hospital because of him. So why should I go to him?” He failed me unnecessarily in religion and ruined my summer in 1968, he ruined my prom, and he caused the demon to possess me, and caused many emotional and traumatic events in my life. I was very irate and told Jesus the plan was off and that I was not going to go to Father Geidman with the videos I had made for him. I told Jesus to just forget it. I’m not going and that was final. Then I threw the two videos in my bedroom closet and slammed the door.

 November 19, 1991

Just a few days after my outburst, my mother was involved in a serious car accident. She suffered broken bones, fractured others, broke her hip, and had numerous bruises all over her body. The guilt hit me hard. I was living with her at the time so I became her primary caretaker. Other family members also helped, but the burden was placed on my shoulders. I slept very little during her recovery, and it was not until several months later that I felt comfortable leaving her alone. She was never left alone while she was recuperating. She recovered completely from her injuries and even began to drive again. I felt so responsible for her accident. If I had obeyed Jesus and contacted Father Geidman on the planned date, her accident never would have happened. I felt it was my fault that she got injured so seriously in the accident because I had backed out of the plan I made with Jesus.

To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice
Keith Green - 1978

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