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So you had a phone conversation with Father Geidman. Two days later an angel visited you and comforted you. A little while later a Rock and Roll song plays over the telephone to you. Then on February 27, 1982 you visit Father Geidman and he denies calling you and playing that song over the phone. He tells you that you are ‘out of your tree’. You got upset, thanked him, and left. 

 July 1982 - January 1984 - In counseling and on medication because Father Geidman and Jesus were driving me c-r-a-z-y.

 August 20, 1982  

Mom and I took a trip. On the way home it became dark and foggy. We were in and out of the fog on the way home. At one point when the fog lifted, I saw a bright light to the right of me in the sky. I looked in the direction of where the light came from and saw a man standing in the clouds with his arms outstretched. I tried to talk to mom to get her attention, but I found I could not speak. I tried to say, “Mom!” but I was unable to talk. Then we drove past the image and I was again able to speak. I asked mom if she saw anything strange just a few seconds ago. She replied that she did not. I then told her what I saw. She said she felt something strange a short while ago, but thought nothing of it. When we got home I drew a picture for her of what I saw. This marks the fifth time I saw Jesus.


September 1982 – Autumn 1983

Even though the messages in songs deceased, strange things continued to happen to me in my life. Many times I would feel something sitting on my bed while I was lying down. I was still having out of body experiences, and other strange occurrences. I moved two times hoping that the strange things would not follow me to my new apartment. But that did not prevent them from happening. They only got worse. Noises would awaken me in the middle of the night. I began to notice that the time was always 333 a.m. Then strange things would happen. I would hear footsteps in my bedroom, but saw no one. Other times I would see a man and a woman walk through my window and stand at the foot of my bed. When they saw that I noticed them standing at the foot of my bed, then they would leave. I believed they were Jesus and Mary. But the images were blurry because it was dark. This marks the sixth time I saw Jesus.

Things got so bad, and I got so scared, that I began to sleep in my clothes. I kept my car and apartment keys and my glasses at my bedside, and from there on in, when a sound would awake me, and the time was 333 a.m., I would grab my car and apartment keys and my glasses and leave before anything happened. I had to lick this thing. Sometimes I would get up on the highway and just drive until daylight. Sometimes I would drive somewhere and then sleep in my car. I was too scared to return to my apartment until daylight. I worked the evening shift 3-11 at the hospital, so I was able to catch a few hours of sleep during the day on these occurrences.

Strange things continued to happen, but the clincher was when a noise awoke me at 333 a.m. and I did not have the chance to run away. When I awoke from the noise I saw a man and a woman standing at the foot of my bed. When they saw that I saw them the male grabbed my comforter and sheet at the foot of my bed and pulled them off of me. I just starred at them both and said in my mind only, “You are not going to chase me out of my apartment this time”. Then I pulled the comforter and sheet back over me, covered my head, and tried to go back to sleep. Nothing more happened that night. This was the seventh and last time I actually physically saw Jesus. After this incident I told Jesus that it was too hard on me to have Him visit me and then leave. I told Him it was too hard on me to have Him come, stay a short time, and then leave. I told Him to either take me with Him the next time He appears to me, or don’t bother appearing to me anymore, because it is just too hard on me. I have not seen Him since.  But the communication continued.

Autumn 1983

Began taking classes at the college in my home town.


January 1984

Quit counseling and the medication because neither was helping me. Strange things had continued despite the fact that I was in counseling and on medication for the past two years. Neither the counseling nor the medication prevented the strange occurrences from stopping. The folks at the counseling center never took me seriously, despite my efforts. They basically ignored the things I was telling them. All they wanted was for me to be on medication. I was getting nowhere with them and was tired of their ignorance and labels.



I really felt the need to talk to someone, but there was no one I felt I could turn to. The folks at the counseling center were out of the question, and my psychologist had moved out of state in 1984. Father Geidman had told me I was out of my tree, so I did not even consider turning to him. So I turned to Jesus. I devised another plan with Jesus. I figured since it was Him that was doing these things to me then He could just help me by sending someone to me that would be able to help me. I told Jesus it had to be someone who would understand my problem, someone warm and kind, someone where the chemistry was right between us. Then I began to look for that person. I looked at the Catholic Church; that person was not there. I looked at all the employees at the mall. That person was not there. I was taking classes at OSU at the time, so I looked at school. That is where I found that person. He was a professor at OSU who had just been hired on staff. I took many classes with him and he was a very intelligent and kind person. We were also the same age. He had no family and was not married. So I felt safe spending time with him, although I never spent any time with him outside of class. The chemistry between us was evident. How I wish I could have had a relationship with him. But it never would have worked because of my dedication to Jesus, and He never would have allowed it anyway. I always had to go to work after class. One day he told me he was attracted to my power. I could not respond to that. I just needed to be around someone who cared and I knew that he did. Strange, but that is how it happened. He got married and moved on in 1987 and so did I, but I am so grateful that he was there for me when I needed him. 

Why I Am Single

I just want to mention here that when Jesus told me not to marry Kurt back in 1972 or 1973 I began to think that Jesus just did not want me to marry Kurt, in particular. So later I did begin to date again, but each and every time a woman came out of nowhere and broke up the relationship I had with the gentleman I was dating. It happened every time. At first I thought it was just a coincidence. But it became a pattern. It was then that I realized that Jesus did not want me to have a serious relationship with any male. So I quit dating entirely. There was no sense in me dating any more, because it became a pattern that another woman came out of nowhere and broke up the relationship I had with the gentleman I was dating. So I gave up, gave into Jesus and quit dating entirely, prior to the time I spent with the college professor. I actually quit dating in 1982 at the age of twenty-nine, when I gave into Jesus and surrendered to Jesus about dating. Jesus began His ministry at age thirty. I have not been in a relationship with anyone since I was twenty-nine years old. There just was no sense in it anymore, for me.


My job performance at the hospital was being challenged. My co-workers were complaining to my superiors that I was acting differently. DUH! If you had strange things happen to you for years and years, you would act differently too! I found myself in my superior’s offices many times trying to work things out, but I could not tell them what was happening in my personal life.  They knew something was wrong, but no way was I going to confide in them. I needed to do something so I called my mom and asked her if I could move in with her. She was living in a two bedroom apartment at the time and her sons were living in her house. I figured the strange occurrences would not bother me if I was living with my mom. So I moved again for the third time.

September 5, 1989

Only one more strange thing happened after I moved in with my mom. Then they quit, for a while, and I was doing better at work. One of my associates from work invited me to her church. It had been several years now since I attended services anywhere, and since the supernatural world had calmed down somewhat, I felt I could again attend church, so I went with her and attended that church for a little over a year.

August 2, 1990

Iraq invaded Kuwait and the United States began to build up military forces in the Middle East with the support of the United Nations. The United Nations issued a declaration of war to eject Iraq from Kuwait after January 15, 1991.    

January 16, 1991

War was declared on Iraq. When the war began I began to experience a tremendous amount of pressure from above to contact Father Geidman. I can’t explain the feeling except to say that it was supernatural pressure. It was like a push or shove from above to make me contact Father Geidman. The last time I met and spoke to Father Geidman nine years prior, he told me I was out of my tree, so I was not anxious to meet with him. I tried to avoid the pressure. The pressure got so severe that I involved myself in projects and activities to keep me busy intentionally and to prevent myself from contacting him. I needed to do something to occupy my time so that I would not contact him. The last thing I wanted to do was to contact him, but Jesus was pressuring me to contact him. I told Jesus, “Why should I contact him? He told me I was ‘out of my tree’". I did not obey Jesus at this time and the end result was disastrous. I quit going to the church I was attending because it seemed like more of a social club and I felt I was not really learning anything there, just socializing.

 February 28, 1991

The Gulf War ended and I was still getting pressure from Jesus to contact Father Geidman, which I intentionally avoided.

April 14, 1991

I felt the need to go back to church so I visited a church out in the country. I was done with the churches in town and I was done with the Catholic Church. The minister was preaching a series on the seven churches from the book of Revelation and I found that to be very interesting so I attended this same church for the next few Sundays. I really enjoyed this church so I decided to make it my home church and attended services there every Sunday, even though it was a drive to get there.

April 17, 1991

The pressure to contact Father Geidman continued so I bought a subscription to the Catholic Diocese Newspaper, a weekly Catholic newspaper. Then I told Jesus, “If you want me to contact Father Geidman, then YOU tell me where he is. Have his name and the parish where he is assigned published in the Catholic Newspaper. That way I will know for certain that the pressure is coming from YOU and that YOU want me to contact him. I will be looking for this information in the Catholic Newspaper”. Then I waited for my subscriptions to arrive. I could have found out where Father Geidman was by making one phone call. But I wanted Jesus to tell me where he was. It had been nine years since I had spoken to Father Geidman so I was not sure where he was, since priests get transferred to different parishes every few years.

I became very curious as to how a persons’ name is calculated to equal 666. Revelation 13:18. I knew it was a long shot, but I wanted the formula so I could try Father Geidman’s name to see if his name equals 666. I knew Jesus would know so I simply asked Him. I expected an answer but I got no reply. So I sat and thought about what resources I could get that might explain this to me. Then I remembered a book that one of my friends from the Jesus Movement mentioned to me called The Late Great Planet Earth. I knew the book was about the end times and I had even read it many, many years ago. So I skimmed through it and found no mention of any formula to calculate 666 from a persons’ name. So I thought that maybe there was a video on the market by the same name. So I went to a Christian Bookstore and they had the video. So I rented it and went home to watch it.

The video explained the formula to use to calculate a person’s name to equal 666. So I used that formula and tried Father Geidman’s name. I began with his title, Father, combined with his first name, but it did not equal 666. I tried his title, Father, combined with his middle name in English, but that did not equal 666 either. So I tried his title, Father, combined with his middle name in German, and that did not equal 666 either. So I took his title off and just used his first and last name. But that did not equal 666 either. Then I tried his middle name and his last name, but that combination did not equal 666 either. So I tried his middle name in German with his last name, but that also did not equal 666. I tried his first name with his middle name, but that did not equal 666 either. So I tried his first name with his middle name in German, but that also did not equal 666. I tried every combination of his name that I could think of and none of them equaled 666. So I was quite relieved and wiped the sweat from my brow. I took the papers with all the combinations on them and slipped them in a drawer.

I knew he was God the Father. Jesus had told me that. But Biblical prophecy states that there will be a person claiming to be God the Father, who is also the Antichrist, and I thought there was a connection there. But none of my combinations of his name added up to 666. So I figured I was wrong in my thinking and put it to rest. Then a little later, I heard a silent voice say, “You did not try ‘Father Geidman’”. I knew what that meant and I retrieved my papers with all the calculations on it, and sure enough I had not tried the calculation ‘Father Geidman’. The one combination of his name that was so obvious was the one that I missed. I guess I was looking for something more hidden, more mysterious. Anyway, I took his name, Father Geidman, and tried the formula, and sure enough it added up to 666. Father Geidman equals 666.  Revelation 13:18.                       


F=36; A=06; T=120; H=48; E=30; R=108; SUM=348; G=42; E=30; I=54; D=24; M=78; A=06; N=84; SUM=318; 348+318=666

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