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You continued with school, work, and seeing the psychologist. You got caught up in the Jesus Movement and were baptized at one of the Jesus Festivals you attended. You later associated less and less with your ‘Jesus’ friends because you felt they were weirding you out. It sounds like you felt more comfortable hearing from Jesus personally through the messages in Rock Songs than from hearing about Him at church services because it was a closer fellowship. From my perspective it sounds like you were focusing in on tuning into hearing from Jesus from supernatural resources and tuned out from hearing about what was written about Him. It sounds like you are saying that you felt closer to Jesus by hearing from Him personally rather than hearing others talk about Him, and that is why you associated less and less with your Christian friends. You continued to hear messages from Jesus through Rock Songs and focused on that communication.

I felt the need to again speak to Father Geidman. I tracked him down and to ensure I would be able to meet with him and not mess up this meeting, I left the night before. It was again a very exhausting trip because again there were many obstacles in my way and I got lost a few times. Satan was again trying to prevent this meeting from taking place. But I finally arrived in town and spent the night near his parish so I would be sure to get the opportunity to speak with him. Satan tried to divert my direction several times as I made my way toward my destination. But Jesus and I had this thing called ‘Radar Love’.

Radar Love
Golden Earring - 1974

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