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Okay, so you had scheduled to meet with Father Geidman. Did that meeting take place, and if so, how did it go for the both of you?


August 3, 2014

I met with Father Geidman today at a discreet location. The meeting went well, I believe, for the both of us. Remember, I had not seen nor spoken with this man for nineteen years. I was not sure he would remember me. Our conversation went something like this:


Me: Father Geidman, hi, my name is... and I am here today because Jesus pushed me into coming to you. Jesus has been pushing me to go to you for the past six years, but I kept refusing. I did not want to come to you today, but Jesus pushed me into coming to you. Twenty years ago I came to you with a video to watch, which you did indeed watch. My intention was to come back to you to have you watch the second video I made, but that never happened.


Father Geidman: Yes, I remember watching the video you gave me. That was when I was living in......


Me: I'm not going to give you the second video to watch, but what I will give you is my website address which is a combination of the two videos; video one which you did watch, and video two, which you have not seen. My website is not like the video you watched. It is updated and different. There are songs on it like the first video. I do not expect you to listen to the songs, but I would like you to read the information. You are included in my website, and I just wanted to inform you that I will be posting it on the internet and am giving you the opportunity to read it to suggest any changes about yourself before I post it. My psychiatrist told me to tell the world what has happened to me and that is what I am going to do, via my website, to tell the world.


Father Geidman: Are you still seeing the psychiatrist?


Me: No


Father Geidman: Did he tell you to come to me?


Me: No, Jesus pushed me into coming to you today.


Father Geidman: When was the last time you saw the psychiatrist?


Me: Several years ago. He's dead now.


Father Geidman: OH! So before he died he told you to tell the world what happened to you?


Me: Yes. No one can view my website without a username and password. Here is the information you will need to access my website. (I hand him his username and password written on an index card, along with my email address.) It is on the internet, but no one can see it without a username and password. I will give you six weeks to read my website. This will give you time to read it and let me know if there is anything on my website that you prefer I leave out. If I do not hear from you six weeks from today, then I will post my website on the internet for the world to see, probably pretty much like it is today. I may make changes, I may not.


Father Geidman: Okay. How did you know I was here?


Me: Jesus let me know where you are. Jesus always lets me know where you are.


Father Geidman: I have to go now.


Me: Okay. We're done.


I said everything I had planned to say to Father Geidman and then I thanked him for his time and wished him a good afternoon. Then I left and went to the service at my church.


September 14, 2014 - Six weeks after meeting with Father Geidman

Father Geidman never got back to me. I sent him a few emails and he never responded. Therefore, I decided to open my website up for the world to read without his input. I just want to mention here that he has lived in the same house all his life, not counting the rectories he has lived in. The address of that house, the number, corresponds to Revelation 13:8. Not only that, but the name of the street he lives on has kingly annotations.


I told Jesus that I will probably never go back to Father Geidman again, that I am done with this nonsense. I had been going to him ever since I was eighteen and he just has not listened to me so I am done with him. I had unanswered questions for him but I just did not care anymore. I did not care if I ever got those answers from him. I was done.


October 31, 2014

Opened up my website for the world to read.


November 2014

Those responsible for the church plant in my home town had finally moved to my home town to pursue their plans. After a few emails and phone conversations to clarify my understanding of their intentions, I was able to meet up with them in November 2014 at which time I began to meet with them on a regular basis at their home. We held Sunday services at their home and this became my home church. Do not get me wrong. I continued to attend services and other educational programs at the church out of town, but just on occasion. My focus was now on helping with the church plant in my home town. We continued to meet at their home until Friday, August 21, 2015.


August 18, 2015

I became very nauseated and dizzy, and began vomiting at home. So, I drove myself to the emergency room. I was admitted to the ER at 8:01 PM. An IV was started and lab work was done. CBC Normal. I refused CT of brain. I was discharged at 11:44 PM.


Friday, August 21, 2015

We had changed our church services from Sunday morning to Friday evenings to accommodate personal preferences. Today we met for the first time in a church that offered to give us space in their building to hold our services. This gave us the opportunity to gather as a group in a large building with ample space for both the adults, the teens, and the children. Several churches had offered us space in their building, but none of them seemed to be a proper fit. It was not until this particular church offered us space that it felt like the right match. Remember Kurt (page 32 ) the individual Jesus told me not to marry way back in the 1970's? Well, this is the church that he attended as a child and adult. It is not the church we had met in, but the church he had previously attended and grew up in. That just struck me as odd; that of all the churches that had offered us space, this is the church that was decided upon, and it was not my decision, but the pastors of the church who had made this decision. Coincidence or part of the plan? Remember how I mentioned that if Father Geidman did not listen to me this time that I would be pushed back to the 1970's? Well, I sort of feel like that has happened with our church meeting in the church Kurt grew up in. I just feel like I have been pushed back in time.


September 28, 2015

Pastor John from the church from out of town began to teach the Book of Revelation. I am attending these classes.


October 22, 2015

I was in bed for the night but was not asleep. I was facing the south and suddenly I felt something sitting on my bed behind me. That part of my bed became depressed as if someone was sitting on it. This has happened many times in the past, but had not happened for quite some time. Was I scared? Sure I was. But I just shooed it away, whatever it was.


December 24, 2015, Christmas Eve.

I got slightly dizzy at home and became very nauseated. I knew it was just a matter of time before it would get worse. So I drove myself to the hospital where I began to vomit profusely. I was admitted at 2:06 PM and taken into an ER room where an IV was started and my vitals taken. I was asked questions, I was examined, blood work was draw, a CT of my brain was done (normal), an EKG was done (normal). None of my lab work showed any significant high or low levels to be concerned about. My CBC results were all within normal limits. After I felt better I was given some meds to take home with me and I was discharged from the emergency room at 6:09 PM. I drove home.


January 20, 2016. Arrived at ER

Around 6:30 this morning I got dizzy again, at home, and became very nauseated. Again, I knew it was just a matter of time before it would get worse. So I again drove myself to the emergency room where I began to vomit profusely. An IV was started but this time no lab work, EKG or brain scan was done as I had just had all that done twenty-seven days ago. After I felt better, my IV was taken out and I was discharged from the emergency at 9:34 AM. I drove home.


Summer 2016 - A Portal

In the summer of 2016 I was riding my bicycle out on the country roads where there was little to no traffic. As I turned a corner and got on another road, I had a supernatural experience. It was like entering another dimension or reality or world. It was as if a new world dropped down from heaven, from above, and I entered it. Everything became clear to me. My mind sort of opened up and I saw this new reality. I remember thinking to myself, "What is this place?" I was in a different place. I was in a different reality. I was in a different world. I stayed in this new reality and am still in this new place. I am still in this new world. I am still in this new reality. The old reality was gone and was replaced with this new reality. My life became enlightened and brighter. It was as if a portal had opened up and dropped this new world down from heaven and I rode my bicycle into it and I have been inside this portal ever since. I like it here.


Two More Portal Experiences

This was not the first time I had entered a portal. It had happened twice before. I did not write the date down for this one, so I do not have an exact date, but it happened sometime before I left my hospital job on April 13, 1999. I know this because it involved a very ugly person I had to work with. By ugly I mean hateful, mean and cruel. This person never had anything nice to say to me and was always in my face with ruthless remarks. I never said anything back to her, ever, when she made these remarks because I was always dumbfounded and could not understand where it all came from. I may have left her presence, but I never said anything back to her, ever. One day she said something to me that was so disgusting that I walked down to the time clock and just clocked out without saying anything to anybody. I just left, out of disgust for this idiot. I got in my car and just drove around on country roads.


I turned down a country road that was covered with trees on both sides. Right away I knew I was somewhere unusual. The trees formed a canopy over the road, covering the road in shade. This was not a normal place on earth. This place was mysterious. I got out of my car and I did not know where I was. I stood in the road and just looked around at my gorgeous surroundings. This place was beautiful, peaceful and heavenly. I felt like I was in heaven. I had never seen such a beautiful place and had never experienced such peace. I was emotionally upset when I left the hospital, but when I entered this portal, this place that looked like a forest; I became very calm and was in awe of the beauty I was experiencing. There was a presence there; a presence of glory and love. I wanted to stay there forever and I did stay there for quite some time just taking in the breathlessness of the place. It was truly a gifted place. But I knew I had to leave. So I got back into my car and backed up to the intersection that took me down this road and got on it and then I knew where I was. I drove to my mother's house.


As soon as I walked into the house my mother confronted me and told me that the hospital just called and wants me to come back. I told her I was never going back to that place as long as that woman is still there because she is the most hateful human being I have ever been around. Then I proceeded to tell my mother all the hurtful things this evil woman had said to me. My mother was astounded. She wanted this woman's name. When I told my mother her name a look of disgust came over her face. She said she knew the woman. She said she had been a classmate of hers in grade school and high school. She also said that she was hateful in school also and said mean things to many people. She said she is just a mean, ruthless person.


I did not go back to the hospital that day, but I did call someone in authority and explained to her that I left because a certain person was treating me very inhumane. The person in authority wanted to talk to me so she set up a meeting with me. When I walked in the meeting room the evil woman was there. I had no idea she was going to be there. The person in authority told the evil woman that she had to start treating me better. The evil woman said she would try, which was short lived. There was no reason for her to be so hateful. I never did anything to her, nor did I ever say anything to hurt her.


She never changed. She continued in her disgusting behavior towards me and I again walked out and went to the time clock and clocked out. The hospital called again and asked me to come back, which I did. This time I talked to a person in authority alone and explained my situation to her. She gave me some advice and I left the office. I tried to keep my distance from the evil woman, but it was difficult because we worked together. I just ignored her insults and went on with my life. I later learned she had contracted cancer and she died very shortly after her diagnosis. Shortly after she was diagnosed with cancer, she died. I never had to work with that evil woman again.


The third portal experience I do not have a date for either, because I did not write the exact date down, but I think it happened in 2002. Something in my life had backfired and when it did I entered the portal. As much as I tried to get out, I couldn't. I fought it for at least one year, maybe two years. Yes, I was in this portal for a very long time and it was killing me spiritually because I could not get out. This portal was hell, not heavenly, like the other two. How did I get out? I had to separate myself from society. I basically became a hermit. I had to isolate myself from everyone and keep to myself. I felt that was the only way to get out. And that is what I did. Slowly, over time, being isolated and being by myself, I was released from the portal and gained my sanity back.


Shortly after my bicycle portal experience in the Summer of 2016 (not the forest/trees/canopy/portal experience nor the portal hell) I felt the Lord pushing me to create another plan with Him. The last plan I had made with the Lord was on July 8, 1995 (Page 49). That was twenty-one years ago. I told Jesus that I do not have another plan, that I was fresh out of plans, and that I could not think of any plan. I told Him if I come up with a plan I would  let Him know. I left it at that and went on with my life.


Shortly thereafter, I was on the internet and I came across a volunteer opportunity at the local theater in town. I attended a meeting and soon began to volunteer there between 6-10 times a month. I was permitted to see the shows free when I volunteered at the shows and I became very intrigued with them. The more shows I saw the more I wanted to be a part of them. I wanted to be up on stage doing something. But what could I do and how do I get involved? That opportunity came in the summer of 2017.


Summer 2017

Auditions were being held for the 2017 Summer Musical, The Wizard of Oz. After watching shows for two years at the theater I decided I would give it a go and audition for the musical. So, I attended the audition and sang with a group of people. Each one of us was listened to vocally as we sang with the group. Then, we were told that if we did not want to audition for dancing that we could leave the stage now. No one left the stage and I was too scared to walk off stage by myself so I just stayed put. So, I clumsily danced and had no idea what I was doing. I was basically just throwing myself around on stage. I am not a dancer. After the audition was over we were told we would receive a phone call if we were chosen for any part. If no phone call came by a certain date, then we were not chosen for any part. I received no phone call by late afternoon of the deadline date so I went outside and mowed my lawn. When I was done and came back into the house, my phone was flashing indicating that I had either a phone message or a text. I just assumed it was my sister as she calls me often. When I checked my voicemail it was from the theater. I had been chosen for two parts in the musical. I was overwhelmed and excited. The rehearsals were phenomenal and I had such a great learning experience. I made new friends and had so much fun.


The New Plan

I now had an idea for a plan with Jesus. I told Him I wanted to take acting classes and then see where that leads. The only problem was that there were no acting classes for adults in my hometown. All of the acting classes offered in town were in a studio for children up to age eighteen. I would have to drive about forty miles south to attend an adult acting class. That was not an option. My vehicle was not reliable for road trips out of town. I did not feel safe driving my vehicle out of town and I could not afford a different vehicle at this time. So I told Jesus that taking acting classes was my only plan and that plan was way in the future and would not happen for many years. Then I told Jesus, "You must not want to come back very bad because this plan will take years to accomplish, and it is the only plan I have." Then I sort of left it at that as a plan for way into the future. At least I now had a plan, but it would take years to come to fruition.


Not So Fast

In November of 2018 the theater announced it would begin a new program called Academy of the Arts for all ages. This is a new program that will offer acting classes for adults. The classes will be taught by a performing arts veteran with forty years experience. Wow! That's new. This is something that was never offered before at the theater. From the time I made the plan with Jesus to take acting classes, to the theater offering acting classes for adults, was just about four months time. Not only were they offering acting classes, they also added voice lessons and many more opportunities to come. I signed up and paid for the class about one week before it began. My first acting class was on January 7, 2019. The director of the class said that the theater had been trying for many, many, years to get a program like this introduced into the theater, but it never happened until now. Coincidence? I don't think so.


Good Friday April 19, 2019

Father Geidman passed away today at the age of eighty-two. He had been bed ridden for the last six months of his life and was in the care of a skilled nursing home. The story I got was that he fell at home and was unable to get up. He was, however, able to call for help somehow and an ambulance came to his house and he was assisted and helped by paramedics. He was taken to a health care facility and never returned home. He had a disease called Charcot-Marie-Tooth-Hereditary-Neuropathy (CMT), which he had for many years before his death. The following is his obituary.


Father Joseph Anthony Geidman December 19, 1936 - April 19, 2019

Father Joseph Anthony Geidman, died on Good Friday (April 19, 2019), while in skilled nursing care at Mother Angeline McCrory Manor. The son of German immigrants Father Geidman was born on December 19, 1936 at Saint Ann's Hospital in Columbus and was baptized just a few days later at the hospital. He entered Saint Mary's (German Village) Elementary School and, with the move of his family, continued his Catholic elementary education at Corpus Christi Parish School (Columbus) graduating in 1950. He graduated in 1954 from Saint Charles Preparatory School (Columbus) and the college program at Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary (Columbus) in 1958. Father Geidman began his theological studies at Mount Saint Mary's of the West (Cincinnati) where he graduated in 1962. Father Geidman was ordained a priest of the Diocese of Columbus by Bishop Clarence Issenmann on May 26, 1962 at Saint Joseph Cathedral (Columbus). During his 57 years of priestly ministry Father Geidman served at Saint Christopher Church (Columbus) while instructing at Bishop Watterson High School (Columbus); Saint Mary Church (Marion) while instructing at Marion Catholic High School; and Saint Francis DeSales Church (Newark) while instructing at Newark Catholic High School. He served as pastor at Saint Bernadette (Lancaster), Saint Leo Parish (Columbus), and Holy Name Parish (Columbus). In his later years he served as a chaplain at Riverside Methodist Hospital and at Saint Pius X Catholic Church (Reynoldsburg); he retired in 2004. Father Geidman enjoyed his long-time association with the Newark Mäennerchor. Father Geidman is survived by cousins in the United States and in Germany, along with his close friends and caregivers. Our thanks to the religious sisters and staff at Mother Angeline McCrory Manor for the care given to Father Geidman. At his request Father Geidman's body was donated for anatomical study at the Ohio State University. A Memorial Mass for Father Geidman will be celebrated on Friday, April 26, 2:00 p.m., Saint Pius X Catholic Church, 1051 Waggoner Road, Reynoldsburg (; Bishop Robert Brennan will celebrate the Mass; Bishop Frederick Campbell (retired) and Bishop James Griffin (retired) will concelebrate along with priests of the Diocese of Columbus; Father James Walter will deliver the homily. Friends may visit before and after the Mass. Arrangements are under the care of the MAEDER-QUINT-TIBERI Funeral Home 1068 S. HIGH ST. , (614) 444-1185. Please visit to sign on-line condolences. To Plant Memorial Trees in memory, please visit our Sympathy Store. Published in The Columbus Dispatch from Apr. 20 to Apr. 24, 2019.

Some Things To Think About

Jesus was born December 25th (according to Christian tradition.)
Father Geidman was born December 19, 1936, six days before Christmas.

Jesus was born in December. 

Father Geidman was born in December.

Jesus was arrested on a Thursday.

Father Geidman was arrested on a Thursday (in 1992).

Jesus was arrested outside.

Father Geidman was arrested outside.

Jesus was arrested in a public place.

Father Geidman was arrested in a public place.

Jesus was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Father Geidman was arrested in a Park.

Jesus died during the Jewish Passover on Good Friday.
Father Geidman died during the Jewish Passover on Good Friday.

Jesus died on a Friday.
Father Geidman died on a Friday.
Jesus died in April.
Father Geidman died in April.
Jesus died when there was a full moon.
Father Geidman died when there was a full moon.

Father Geidman's trial ended on April 26, 1993.

Father Geidman's Funeral Mass was on April 26, 2019.
It is not a coincidence that Father Geidman died the same day and month that Jesus died. It is an omen. It is a sign. People are in disagreement of the actual date Jesus died. Some say it was April 3 or April 4, or April 14. No one knows for sure the date Jesus died. Perhaps Jesus died April 19th also. No one knows for sure. It is not a coincidence that Father Geidman was born on December 19th, six days before we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Something is going on here that only will be revealed in the future.

Father Geidman, the man, the priest, whom I believed was the Antichrist, as well as God the Father, has died. Does this mean that I was wrong? No. It could mean that he will rule from above, in the heavens, in space. And I am not the only one who believes this.

Nathan E. Jones and Steven Stufflebean have produced a video entitled, "9 Signs of Technology". This video clip is subtitled, "The End Times Sign of Technology", and was uploaded on July 5, 2020. The segment is from the Lamb and Lion Ministries. You can begin the video at 20:47 (Number 8, Space Science) to hear what Nathan says. Nathan explains that it could be possible that the Antichrist could rule from space. Interesting!

The End Time's Sign of Technology
Nathan E. Jones


April 26, 2019

I attended the memorial service mass for Father Geidman today. It was celebrated at the last Catholic Church that he served at just before he retired in 2004. It was a very beautiful service. The Easter flowers were still on the altar. His body was not at the church because he donated his body to science. There was no viewing of his body because his body was not there. Note: We both were able to take a early retirement in 2004. I last visited with Father Geidman five years ago on August 3, 2014.

I expect something of significance to happen within a year of his death. I say this because almost every time I either spoke to him on the phone or visited him in person something supernatural happened to me in my life, within a year of my contact with him. And yes, within a year of my last visit with him before he died, something supernatural happened to me. On October 22, 2015; just one year after visiting with Father Geidman on August 3rd, 2014. I was in bed for the night but was not asleep. I was facing the south and suddenly I felt something sitting on my bed behind me. That part of my bed became depressed as if someone was sitting on it. This has happened many times in the past, but had not happened for quite some time. Was I scared? Sure I was. But I just shooed it away, whatever it was. Below I have listed strange things that had happened to me after either a phone call or a visit with Father Geidman.


Summer 1971

1. Phone Conversation - I called Father Geidman and told him I thought my mother was on her way up to the rectory to speak with him. He told me that if, when my mother returned home, she walked in the door carrying two bags of groceries, then she had not been up to see him. When my mother returned home she walked in the door carrying two bags of groceries. I knew then that she had not been up to see him. How did he do that? Shortly after this phone conversation I heard a silent voice whisper “Marie”. “It’s me, Jesus”. “Yes, it’s me, Jesus.” (Page 13)


Autumn 1971

I met with Father Geidman in person sometime just before October 31, 1971. Shortly after meeting with him I saw Jesus for the first time on October 31, 1971 and twice on the same night of October 31, 1971, Halloween Night (Page 22).

November 25, 2019

Had an EKG done today. The EKG showed that I had an Anterior Infarct sometime in the past, which means I had a heart attack sometime in the past. While this EKG result COULD truly signify an old [previous] myocardial infarction, i.e., heart attack/MI, this result also could be seen in normal hearts. There remained some question, so an echocardiogram was ordered to distinguish between an old MI and a normal heart.

December 18, 2019

Had an Echocardiogram done today. The Echocardiogram was normal with no signs of a previous heart attack. Scheduled for a Nuclear Stress Test on September 1, 2020. See next page for results.


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