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So, what you are saying is that Jesus used Rock and Roll Songs to communicate with you to incidences that related to your life.
And that the message in each song was just for you personally. And that you are the only one who understood that Jesus was communicating to you through the Rock Songs. He was sending a secret message to you, and to you alone, through the Rock Songs. Okay, I know that some people are inspired by the messages in Rock Songs. But to think that Jesus is sending a secret message through Rock Songs to you personally, is somewhat absurd, if not supernatural. Many mentally ill insane people think the same thing you thought; that they get messages from the radio and tv. It is not real; it is all in your insane mind. You, and other mentally ill people like you, have a brain disorder. Why would Jesus choose you to tell secrets to? What makes you so special?

I was heavily burdened with the things that Jesus was telling me through the Rock and Roll Songs. I was still contemplating suicide. I thought that if I did kill myself I would instantly be in heaven with Jesus and would not have to suffer anymore. I thought that if I died, I would instantly go up to the Spirit In The Sky.

Spirit In The Sky
Norman Greenbaum - 1970

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