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Okay, now let me get this straight. After graduation strange things continued. You believed it was God’s response for your unbelief in Him. You told God to quit doing strange things to you because now you believed in Him, and He did not have to prove Himself to you anymore. But instead, Jesus Himself made Himself known to you. You told Jesus that it was awesome knowing Him and that you wanted to know God the Father also. So Jesus told you that Father Geidman is God the Father. You called Father Geidman and he suggested you go to the counseling center for help, which you did, but you were afraid to tell the counselor about the strange occurrences in your life. You began to look for answers in the Catholic Church, but all you saw there was Father Geidman acting strange. Was he demon possessed too?

Sometime during the summer of 1971 my mother packed a few of my belongings in a brown paper bag and handed it to me and led me to the door of our house. She opened the door, led me out onto the porch, and said, "I have all these other kids to take care of. You need to leave". Then she shut the door in my face. I was eighteen and had just graduated from high school. Luckily, she did not lock the door. I opened the door, walked back into the house and told her she was a crazy person. Then, with brown paper bag in hand, I walked upstairs to my bedroom. This was the second time she had tried to get rid of me. She just hated the fact that I had been closer to her child that died than she was and resented me for this. She may have even blamed me for his death. She never got over it. Nothing was ever said again about this incident. Sometime, after I began counseling, my counselor wanted my mother to come to the counseling sessions with me. But every time I had asked her to come with me, she had an excuse. She never went to any counseling sessions with me, ever. She always had an excuse not to attend.

July 4, 1971

I felt an extreme pain in my abdomen. The emergency squad was called and wanted to take me to the hospital. But I refused to go and just waited for the pain to subside.

July 7, 1971

My bizarre behavior continued. People were complaining to my counselor that something needed to be done. He scheduled an appointment for me to see the psychiatrist.

July 9, 1971

This was my first appointment with the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist was the father of one of my friends. So, we already knew each other. I had been at his home with my friend while I was still in high school and spoke to him there. This was before I was demonized. We already knew each other. Every time he talked to me I felt like he was making advances toward me. I did not like this man. He frightened me. Even though he was my friends’ father, he had an eeriness about him, and I always felt very uncomfortable in his presence. He was creepy.

July 16, 1971

This was my second appointment with the psychiatrist. I kept my distance from him because I did not like him, and I did not trust him. I permitted virtually no communication between myself and him. I sat at the opposite end of the room and drew further away from him every chance I got. Then he said something to me that frightened me so much that I jumped up out of my chair and ran out of his office slamming both his office door and the door of the facility behind me. The man had an evilness about him, and I did not trust him and just wanted to get away from him. I could not stand to be around him. To me he was nothing but a ‘dirty old man’.

August 1971

I wanted to talk with Father Geidman, not my friend’s father, whom I did not like, did not like being around, and who was creepy. So, about the first week of August I went to the rectory and knocked on the door. The priest that my friends had gone to for help and the one who had called my mother, answered the door. I told him I wanted to talk with Father Geidman. He told me that Father Geidman was in Germany. He invited me in and showed me a post card from Father Geidman addressed to him that had been postmarked from Europe. I saw and read the postcard and believed him. He then invited me into the kitchen, and we sat at the kitchen table and talked. He poured a tall glass of orange juice for me and I drank it as we sat at the kitchen table and conversed. After finishing my drink, I thanked him and left. He offered to take me home, but I told him I would rather walk home. I left through the back door of the rectory where there was an alley, headed south, and began to walk home. Then I started to feel really weird. My mind went into some sort of tizzy or something and I turned around and headed north in the opposite direction of home. Why, I don't know. I was feeling very strange. I just did not feel right. My surroundings became dark and the next thing I knew I had pulled a fire alarm located close to the rectory.

I was upset at Father Geidman for going to Germany and not telling me that he was leaving. I had been contacting him all along and I guess I just expected him to be there for me when I needed to speak to him. But why was I feeling really strange all of a sudden? And what was the strange feeling inside of me that caused me to actually pull that alarm? I later learned that I am allergic to oranges. This was not a small glass of orange juice the priest gave me. It was a very large, tall tumbler glass type, filled to the top, and I drank it all. Perhaps the combination of the allergic reaction I was experiencing along with the fact that I was still demonized, and that I was upset Father Guideman was not around, caused me to act irrationally. The combination of these three factors could have been reason enough for me to explode. When the police and fire personnel arrived, I confessed to pulling the alarm. I thought they were there to help me. But instead they pressed charges against me, and I had to go to court. My court date was set for August 9, 1971.

In the meantime, I was at home one day watching a movie that had already began. There was a scene in a courtyard, or open space outside somewhere, and these two men were having a sword fight there. A crowd stood around and watched the fight. One of the men got wounded by the sword of the other and fell to the ground as if he were dead. The crowd closed in on the wounded man, and then a voice came from somewhere and said, “I believe Senior Gomez needs a band-aid.” The voice was Father Geidman’s. It was very distinctive and very clear. Then the wounded man got up off of the ground and went into a nearby church and the crowd followed him. They said they had witnessed a miracle because the man that was wounded by the sword was instantly healed and he became a hero to these people, and they followed him. I did not realize the significance of this until later in life when I read something in the Bible. It sounded so similar to what I had watched on TV. “One of the heads of the beast seemed to have a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed. The whole world was astonished and followed after the beast.” Revelation 13:3

August 9, 1971

My court date arrived and I went by myself. I told no one I had to go to court. I did not tell my parents. They did not care about me anyway, so I did not bother them with my problem. My mom always refused to go to my counseling sessions with me, so I knew she would not go with me in this situation, so I did not even bother her with it and went alone. The judge asked me why I pulled the alarm. I wanted to tell him but for some reason I could not talk, my mouth would not open. I was thinking what I wanted to say, but I could not get the words to come out of my mouth. It was as if my mouth had been sealed shut. I could not open my mouth to talk. I could not talk. Luke 23:8-9 I was trying to think of what I should say. The judge was waiting for an answer. He wanted to know why I was taking so long to answer. He was getting impatient with me because I just glared at him. He angrily asked me again, “Why did you pull the alarm?” So I finally was able to talk and blurted out, “Because I have never been in any trouble before and just wanted to see what it is like.” I don't know where those words came from, it is just what came out. So he blurted out, “I’ll show you trouble. You’re going to jail for 30 days.” And I was led away to the dungeon.                                                                                              

Herod's Song
Tim Rice - 1970 (2000 Production)

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